2 For 1: Store Rewards and Credit Card Rewards Programs


How many times have you been checking out at a store and the cashier asks you if you have a reward card? If you’re like most people, you’re response is probably no. Then they ask to sign you up but because you’re in a hurry you decline. Sound familiar?

Well, those little key tags can mean huge savings over time. Let’s use supermarkets as an example. Imagine if every time you went grocery shopping you could save $5 on sale items. And, let’s say you go to the supermarket once a week. That’s $20 each month in savings all because you bought things you would have anyway. The only difference was that the cashier scanned your key tag. $20 per month adds up to $240 per year.

That’s $240 that can be put deposited into your retirement fund, used to decrease debt or used to reward YOURSELF and spent on things you enjoy.

I have 13 key tags on my key ring and I carry cards for the stores that don’t have key tags like Subway because I eat lunch there often. We can incorporate very simple things into our day that in time will save us a lot of money. It’s very easy.


Nowadays everyone has at least 1 credit or debit card. In my pursuit to save money I have found that most financial institutions offer rewards programs to their card holding customers. Take advantage of them. I have gotten so many gift cards from Amazon to Old Navy to student loan repayments that I’ve lost count. Some cards also give you the option of receiving cash back which can be credited towards your account or sent in the form of a gift card. Some allow you to accrue points that can be redeemed for items or travel.

This is just another easy way to let your money work for you and it’s definitely worth it. Do you participate in credit card reward programs? If so, which ones? Please share below.

Are you signed up for credit card or store rewards? If so, which ones? Please share below.


2 responses to “2 For 1: Store Rewards and Credit Card Rewards Programs

  1. I’m extra mad because I am definitely one who is guilty of just saying “no” when I do have the time, I just dont want to hold up the person behind me. But forget that! And I have a CC and a DC that has rewards on it. and I’m quick to say “credit” instead of “debit” for that simple reason. I think my biggest thing is, i dont want a bunch of cards. You know? I would love to get another credit card but I’m trying to get the ones I have already DOWN to $0. So right now, I need to focus on using coupons and such more. But I’m definitely on your level when it comes to savings. I love saving and I love even more having MORE money! 🙂

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