Texture Only Offers

Have you heard of the newest curly-hair craze? It’s called “Texture Only Offers”. It’s a service similar to Groupon or Living Social; you subscribe and receive notifications about specials for women (and men, I guess) with textured (curly) hair. Check it out here.

I haven’t purchased any specials yet but I signed just to stay in the loop. I’ve seen some great offers so far including specials on full hair care lines, salon services and even a 20% off special for the huetiful hair steamer bundle (WISH LIST!) which includes a steamer and a few other huetiful goodies.

I think this service is great for us curlies and I look forward to utilizing it soon. Have you heard of “Texture Only Offers”? Have you purchased any specials yet? Let me know below.


6 responses to “Texture Only Offers

  1. I am actually on the mailing list for For Textures Only. I’m not sure if it was through http://www.curlynikki.com, http://www.curlmart.com or even carol’s daughter. I’m not even sure but I get the emails from them on a REGULAR. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to cash in on some of these offers they keep sending me.

    • I think naturallycurly/curlmart automatically enrolls you. I’ve seen some good deals but the only one I wanted was Huetiful. Maybe I’ll get it next time.

  2. is that what that is? lol, i get the emails too. like Candisias, I have no idea how I started getting them. But now that I know what they are, I will actually read them….lmao

  3. I have not signed up to any of these stuffs .. it’s like don’t tempt the lion b/c she will bite! lol

  4. lol at Toya. That was my reason as well. I never heard of this one though. Maybe I will try…

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