Review: Wet N Wild Juicy Lip Balm – Cherry

While grocery shopping last month, I found myself in the cosmetics aisle (big surprise) and I came across a product I’d never seen before, the Wet n Wild Juicy Lip Balm with SPF 15.

Like most self-proclaimed fashionistas, I have more than enough lip glosses and lip balms. I don’t own many lipsticks (actually just one – I know, I know). But, I was interested in this product for three reasons. First, I love ANYTHING with SPF in it, especially for the lips because I think a lot of people forget that lips need sun protection, too. Second, it was only like 3 bucks so if I hated, I could just toss it. Third, I figured at the very least, if I hated the pigmentation or “color payoff” I could wear it under red lipstick or lip gloss. So…I bought it.

I HATE the taste and I don’t really care for the smell. BUT, my lips feel very moisturized and the color is so subtle that I can throw it on when I’m running errands, not look like I’m trying too hard and STILL have my SPF protection. There are 4 colors/flavors in total and you can view them here. While I don’t have any interest in the other 3 colors, I would repurchase this just because it was so cheap, has SPF and has slight pigmentation. The scent and taste are not so unbearable that I wouldn’t buy it again.

Have you heard of this product? Have you tried it? Please share below.


6 responses to “Review: Wet N Wild Juicy Lip Balm – Cherry

  1. I’ve never tried this … but I already have sooo many lip stuffs it’s a bit ridiculous lol … but my lips chap and strip easily, this is why I am on a never ending quest to find a lip balm that will prevent these ailments!

    • The best thing I’ve ever used on my lips is Blistex. LOL. I know that’s not “glamorous” but it works. I didn’t like the taste of this product but I’ve been using it lately over SoftLips which also has SPF and the combo is very moisturizing. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I bought this lip balm in cherry and raspberry. I love the size and price of it but hate that the cap has started cracking after a week of owning it. I am pretty careful with my stuff so I feel like no matter what the cap will eventually crack no matter who uses this, which is not a big deal except for the fact that it has so much product that I feel like the cap will completely break before I am done using all of it. I love the color of both, the cherry is a shiny sheer red that brightens up my face and is perfect for the summer. The raspberry one is a subtle purple pink color that is also very sheer and shiny. The formula is not sticky at all and reminds me of the lipsmackers formula that gives you a hint of color and shine. You definitely need to reapply a lot because it starts to lose the moisture feeling after about an hour or two.

    • i thought i was the only one whose cap cracked!!! i, too, am very careful with my belongings so i wasn’t sure what i missed. but, thank you, now i understand.

      • yeah I cannot carry it around in my purse anymore because its all cracked and its going to get balm all over my bag, after using it for a week I have found that it actually makes my lip condition worse. It goes on smooth so you feel like it is moisturizing but after it fades it causes my lips to peel and I end up with flaky dry looking lips, as soon as I switched balms to something else my lips were smooth and supple again. Now I am stuck with two huge tubes of lip balm I will not be using unless I have absolutely nothing else…..At least they were not too expensive…

      • You’re absolutely right. My lips don’t like it *alone*. What I’ve been doing is applying it over softlips lip balm (which also has SPF). You could try that or you could always write to the manufacturer either by snail mail or email. Why not? They might comp you with coupons for some other W&W products or reimburse you. Hey, you never know. 🙂 Keep us posted, if you do.

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