Recap: curlBOX NY Meet & Greet at Karen’s Body Beautiful

I am a self-proclaimed anti-groupie (no, I’m serious!) so there are very few celebrities I would even blink twice at if they were standing in front of me at Starbucks. However, Myleik Teele, the founder and CEO (Chief Experience Officer) of curlBOX*, is a natural hair celebrity and someone I respect. No matter who you are (anti-groupie and all) you HAVE TO respect someone who is dedicated and on their grind every single day. And, that’s who Myleik is, a driven young woman who I respect immensely.

Needless to say I was excited when I heard she was coming to NY for a meetup and hosting it at Karen’s Body Beautiful**. I met Karen at the Charleston Natural Hair Expo at the beginning of June and I had heard her speak at National Natural Hair Meetup Day; we all know Karen is amazing. But, I had never been to Karen’s in Brooklyn so for me it was a two for one special: I could meet Myleik and finally visit KBB.

I got there at 6:15 and stood outside waiting to enter for a while; KBB is not big enough to accommodate ALL the women who came out. (The line was still wrapped around the corner when I left at 8:30.) Myleik came out and spoke to us while we waited (she said it wasn’t fair that we suffer in the heat alone – heart her) and Karen came out and passed out waters (heart her, too). While we stood I personally asked Myleik about her NY meetings at Essence, Ouidad, etc. and she explained that her goal during this trip (and always) is to show the brands how important *we* black women are to and in the market as consumers. #respect

ADDED BONUS! I got to see Fran from heyfranhey and YouTube, a high school, friend I hadn’t seen in years.

While I’m not subscribed to curlBOX, I definitely wanted to meet Myleik and I’m definitely happy I went. It was very inspiring to hear her and Karen talk about supporting each other.

For pictures, please visit my gallery here.

Did you attend? Are you subscribed to curlBOX? Please share below.

*curlBOX is a super exclusive monthly subscription service for women with curly hair. Learn more about it here.

**Karen’s Body Beautiful is a hair and skin care line that is sold online and at her store in Brooklyn where she also provides spa serves. Learn more about it here.


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