FREE Miss Jessie’s Samples (& Product Talk)

Yes. I know. Some curlies don’t *love* (and won’t even try) MJ products because of the ingredients – they’re not all natural. Personally I don’t care about ingredients. If a product works for me, it works for me. I mostly drink water, try to get at least 6 hours of sleep and eat lots of fruits and veggies. Thus, the dead hair on my head is pretty healthy. Soooo as you can imagine I was super excited when I learned that Miss Jessie’s is giving away FREE samples (click here for the site). 😀

I have several MJ products and I really like them. I know. I know. You’re probably thinking “if you’re such a “frugalista” how and WHY would you pay that much for products?” And, you’re right so let me break it down.

Rapid Recovery Deep Treatment, 16 oz $48:  I got this for FREE at a Shecky’s event last year. (Yes, you should be jealous. Lol.)

Super Sweetback Treatment, Samples: I also got these at two different Shecky’s events.

Curly Pudding & Curly Meringue, 8 oz each $22 each: I got these from Target during the BOGO free. So that’s $11 each…can’t beat that.

Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo, Samples: I got a few at Shecky’s events and also bought six on ebay for next to nothing.

Creme de la Creme Conditioner, Samples: I also received this sample from Shecky’s.

Quick Curls, 2 oz $9: My mom received this sample at an event she attended.

I ordered the Curly Buttercreme samples because that’s the only product I was interested in trying. I’m excited to try it out on twists.

Have you tried Miss Jessie’s? What’s your favorite product?


6 responses to “FREE Miss Jessie’s Samples (& Product Talk)

  1. Honestly, who do you know that you got all these samples. I’m jealous. I have some of the samples your speaking about BUT I would LOVE to try that Rapid Recovery Deep Treatment. I tried the curly pudding and was NOT impressed, however, now that my hair is longer, maybe i’ll try it again. I only see her products to be used for twists and twist outs. But we shall see. 🙂

    • I agree. I like the smell and the hold. And, the pudding and meringue are light. I had to learn to use them sparingly though because the first time I used the meringue I had a little residue. I also like that there’s minimal shrinkage. I’ll probably be using these a lot this summer when I want definition that can withstand the humidity!

  2. I like the curly pudding and the deep recovery treatment, but the prices are hefty. I’ve purchased knock-off labels claiming to be similar and was sorely disappointed. I am praying for another TARGET or salon BOGO sale so I can stock up! I got me some free samples so thanks for sharing that link!

    • If I hear about another BOGO I will definitely let you know. Really? Knock off labels? I didn’t know there were MJ knock offs, but I’m not even surprised.

  3. if the samples are free why do they need your credit card info? they have a knock off version at my local kroger. may try it.

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