Forgotten Fashion Accessory: The Scarf

Recently after brunch with my mom and sister, on our way to the NY Botanical Garden we stumbled upon an amazing boutique, Diana Warren that had the cutest clothes and accessories, including scarves. Vibrant beautiful colors that were handmade by women in Africa. While I definitely didn’t need another scarf, after learning that the proceeds go to fashionABLE* to help these women, I had to buy one. I bought the Meselu Infinity in raspberry. After talking to Diana about the organization and what they do, I felt much better knowing that my unnecessary purchase was very necessary and more than just another scarf to add to my collection.

*To find out more information about fashionABLE please click here.

I hope you both enjoyed and are inspired by this post. Do you love scarves? What’s your favorite charity or organization? Please share below.


2 responses to “Forgotten Fashion Accessory: The Scarf

  1. Hello. It’s me from ofthecomely and I am obsessed with scarves! Most of the scarves on that site are sold out, but I’ve saved the page because they were awesome.

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