To LOC or not to LOC? That is the Question

If you’re natural then you know one of the most important things you can do for your hair is keep it moisturized. The goal is to avoid breakage and retain length. A lot of curlies achieve this by applying water to their hair in between washes and co-washes. However, The LOC Method is another way to achieve and maintain moisture in between washes. To accomplish the LOC method you apply 3 different substances and follow 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Liquid – You can achieve this step with freshly washed hair or by spraying dry hair with a water bottle.

Step 2: Oil – The second step is to apply oil. I like avocado, coconut and extra virgin olive. I’ve heard jojoba, grape seed and argan (I just ordered argan-yesss) are also good. You can use them alone or mix them in a bottle. Jojoba oil is the best because it mimics sebum which is the oil our hair and skin naturally produces.

Remember: oils should be applied to wet hair. If your hair is not wet, the oil will only sit on top the hair and it won’t penetrate.

Step 3: Cream – Applying your cream is the final step. It should be thick and have a shea butter consistency; this seals the water and oil in. Some naturals substitute the cream with their styling product during this step.

Some curlies perform steps 2 and 3 interchangeably. Any order is fine just be sure to keep your hair moisturized at all times.

Check out my Step-By-Step Demonstration here!

Have you ever tried the LOC Method? Did you notice a difference?

17 responses to “To LOC or not to LOC? That is the Question

  1. Reblogged this on mycurlypotential and commented:
    This seems like a good thing to remember.

  2. i had no idea there was a name to the method. I do this ALL the time 🙂

  3. I just started this method this week. Hair feels a lil greasy but it’s holding in so much moisture. 🙂

    • It’s great! What products do you use? This week I used Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and shea butter for my twists. Last week I used CocoCurls and Carol’s Daughter Tui Oil. I think I’m going to use shea butter again tomorrow when I twist…

      • My liquid is a water mixed with a lil (like 25%) of Jamacian black castor oil. My oil is coconut oil. Cream is the SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie. I love the Tui oil! I could no longer afford it though. It used to make my hair so soft and make it smelled like HEAVEN!!!

      • I bought my Tui oil on a ebay a LONG time ago for a fraction of the price. 😉 I’ve never used JBCO. I have to try it. I was thinking about doing the Black Castor Oil Challenge in the fall.

  4. Ok, so I guess I do this and didn’t realize it. I’ve been wearing my hair curly since May. I usually do this in the summer because of the heat. I’ve straightened it once a few weeks back and noticed I had tons of growth. I don’t know if it was because of this method or not but I love it. I’ve just had some difficulty finding a product after washing and oiling it to keep it from frizzing so much. I’ve got tons of great suggestions recently so I’m looking forward to trying them. I did just purchase an olive oil leave in conditioner that I tried for the first time yesterday that seemed to work really well.

    • what olive oil leave-in? *raises eyebrow* there are a few things that cause frizz actually. one is drying your hair with a towel. to avoid towel-induced frizz one *should* use one of those (overly priced) “hair towels” or a t-shirt. frizz can also be caused by too much manipulation. i know when i separate my twists too much they get frizzy. another way to combat frizz is to apply oil to your twists or braids before unraveling. which is your culprit? personally, u don’t mind a lil’ frizz. 😉

  5. Do you ever use a water based moisturizer along with water for the “L” step?

  6. How often should we do this loc method ….. What time is best …… And should we wrap it ….. I bought the products but haven’t been using them properly …..thanks

    • Hola Marie Luz! Normally I would suggest performing the LOC Method every time you cleanse which is usually once a week. But, because your hair is fine, you should still only do it once a week. You don’t have to wrap it. Coat your hands with a little oil after you cleanse and work it through while concentrating on the ends. Don’t over do it. Then style as usual.

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