Subway Eat Fresh…For FREE!

Last year when I started running I took a more active stance on my overall health. I decided that if I was going to run and focus on my physical health, I should also be conscious about what I put into my body. While I didn’t cut out anything completely or take any drastic measures like becoming a pescetarian (again), I did decide that I will make better food choices.

That said, I found Subway. I started eating there more often and put a complete stop to eating McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, etc. I realized that if I had to eat “fast food,” I should choose the best option possible, Subway. Not only is Subway a healthier option, but eating at Subway also comes with a few perks if you have their SUBWAY® Card.

Every time you eat at Subway, ask the cashier to swipe your card and one point for every dollar you spend is added to your points balance. I’ve had my card for a while and I always have it swiped but I never knew what the points entitled me to. Last week I found out that I can redeem my points for FREE menu items, meaning FREE FOOD.

Here is a list of how many points you must redeem to get each free item:

1 Cookie 10 points
1 Bag of Chips (single  serve) 15 points
Fountain Drink (21oz) 20 points
Bottled Beverage (8oz, 15.2oz and 20oz) 30 points
Seattle’s Best Coffee (12oz & 16oz) 30 points
Breakfast Sandwich on 6″, Flatbread or English Muffin 35 points
Regular 6″ Sub or Flatbread 50 points
Premium 6″ Sub or Flatbread 65 points
Regular Footlong Sub, Flatbread or Salad 75 points
Breakfast Footlong Sub or Flatbread 75 points
Premium Footlong Sub or Flatbread 100 points
Add Double Meat or Extra Cheese or Bacon to Any Regular Sub or Flatbread add 20 points

To date I have 169 points! I plan on buying a few 6″ subs or salads with my points. That’s free lunch for almost the entire week! Find out more about the SUBWAY® Card here.

Do you eat at Subway? If so, do you have a SUBWAY® Card? If not, make sure you get one the next time you’re there!


4 responses to “Subway Eat Fresh…For FREE!

  1. Having worked there for a year, I have developed a Subway addiction. I eat there all the time. I just wish every state would have this program. New Hampshire (where I live) has it, but Maine (where I go to school) does not 😦

  2. So I love Subway and I am always looking for deals/ways to save. I had no idea Subway offered a rewards program. I will definitely have to ask next time I’m there. Thanks for the tip! =)

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