Recap: Charleston Natural Hair Expo

In early February I heard about the Charleston Natural Hair Expo in South Carolina. Since I live in NY, I knew this event would be extra special for me because I could also visit family while there. I bought my early bird ticket for the two part event, booked a flight and was ready to go.

Part I: The Expo (10a-4p)

When I arrived I was instantly impressed, outside of the venue was gorgeous. It was right off the water with a beautiful view.

As I parked I was instantly excited by all of the different natural hairstyles and beauty. I entered and received my early bird ticket swag bag which was filled with great products and promotional literature. I was also given a ticket to the Shea Moisture Lounge which entitled me to a massage. I didn’t know about the Shea Moisture Lounge so that was a nice surprise.

As I walked in, the first vendors I saw were Huetiful, Karen’s Body Beautiful and Shea Radiance and it was jumpin’ (at 10:30am)! I walked around and visited vendors who were selling accessories, hair and skin care products, apparel, magazines and candles. Every inch of the indoor space was utilized. There was an amazing outdoor area, as well, with more vendors, an icee cart, an exquisite view and a live band.

I stayed for about 2 hours, talked to merchants and entrepreneurs, took pics, advised a few ladies on products that would be good for their hair, purchased a few things, scored extra free samples (thanks, Beautiful Textures) and discussed a few business ventures. Needless to say it was a VERY productive 2 hours. 🙂 Before I left I found the woman who was gracious enough to snap a pic of Karen of KBB and I and I gave her my ticket for the Shea Moisture Lounge. The Lounge was set up beautifully (I was escorted inside to take a peek before I left).

When I got home I was pleasantly surprised by the contents of my swag bag. In addition to the hair products there were also makeup items, including crackle nail polish which I have wanted to try for a while. I was pleased and at that point I knew I should rest up for the All White Party later that night but decided to go thrifting instead (read about it here).

Part II: All White Party (9p-1a)

When I arrived at the All White Party it was very early so there weren’t many attendees. I was able to snap a few pics of the decor and cake/cupcakes.

Not too long after, Karen of KBB (Karen sponsored the All White Party) arrived along with Imani of Tribe Called Curl. I had met and spoke to Karen earlier in the day and Imani at a prior SavvyBrown & Wonder Curl event so I spoke with them for a while. Both women are amazingly down to earth. Once Vaughn, MeechyMonroe and CharyJay (the “faces” of the Charleston Natural Hair Expo and YouTube personalities) arrived, the momentum picked up and everyone was ready to party.

I am a HUGE Vaughn fan so when I saw her I wanted to talk to her but I was very hesitant. As you know I am the self-proclaimed anti-groupie and definitely not a fan of groupie love (as mentioned here – lol). When I saw her alone I took a second to say hello and thank her for inspiring me to finally start my blog and always staying true to herself. She was very pleasant and approachable. She even complimented my nails which is HUGE because if you watch her videos you know she creates the funkiest freestyle nail designs.

All in all, it was a great night and a wonderful event. I danced, had a cupcake and mingled. I am definitely excited about next year’s expo, as it can only get better!

Check out my pictures here! 🙂

Have you ever attended a natural hair expo? If so, which one? Did you enjoy it? Please share below.


2 responses to “Recap: Charleston Natural Hair Expo

  1. Wow, that sounds like that was an awesome event. I would have gone crazy and bought up everything. I love those earrings!!! I’ve never attended a natural hair expo, but after reading this and seeing the pics it will definitely be on my to do list. 🙂 I’ll have to keep an ear out hear in CO.

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