Birthday Freebies!


One month ago today I celebrated my birthday. 😀 I received some great discounts and freebies from several stores.

Here’s What I Got:
Starbucks: Free Drink Coupon, any size, hot or cold. (Must be used within 5 days or your birthday.)
How? Register any gift card and become a Gold Card Holder through Starbucks’ free rewards program.
Dunkin Donuts: Free Medium Drink Coupon.
How? Must be an email subscriber.
Victoria’s Secret: $10 Off Coupon, no minimum purchase.
How? Must be a VS Credit Card Holder.
Sephora: Free Product, varies. I received a Fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo. It’s automatically linked to your card. Go into any Sephora the week before or after your birthday, present your card to any cashier and they will give you your free treat in a cute little Sephora bag.
How? Sign up to be a Sephora Beauty Insider through Sephora’s free rewards program.
Anthropologie: 15% off any purchase during your birthday month.
How? Must be a member of Anthropologie’s free rewards program, sign up in any Anthropoligie store.
Michael’s: 20% off any purchase during your birthday month.
How? Must be a member of Michael’s free Rewards Program, you can register when you check out at any Michael’s store.

A few days after my birthday I also received an invitation to join the CVS Beauty Club which has some great incentives including coupons and ways to earn Extra Bucks. Sign up here! I took advantage of most of my rewards and it was great! I received other coupons via email, too.

*Tip: If you have a favorite store or one that you shop at frequently, the next time you’re there ask them if they have a rewards program!

Do you take advantage of retail birthday freebies? If so, please share below.


7 responses to “Birthday Freebies!

  1. These are great tips! I swear I don’t get emails for freebies anymore since I had my daughters. All of my freebies now are for Chuck E Cheese’s, Toys’ R us… you get the picture! hahaha

  2. Thank you for these!!! My bday is next week and I got a couple of them (sbux and vicky’s) plus qdoba. but i haven’t gotten the other ones. signing up NOW.

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