Which Beauty Subscription Girl Are You?

Beauty Subscriptions have become very popular recently and a new one seems to pop up every few months. Beauty Subscriptions are a service for which you pay and receive products monthly, the type of products you receive depends on the service you sign up for. These Subscriptions are great because they allow you to try different products without having to pay full price to try products you may not like. And, if you’re a novice like me you can also try products from companies you are probably unfamiliar with. An added bonus is that the value of the products each month is usually greater than your monthly fee so you get more “bang for your buck”. Another great thing is that you’re not bound to purchase a box each month; you can skip any month you want, cancel anytime and even gift a month to someone else.

I currently have a monthly subscription with Julep Maven, a nail polish subscription service. I’ve been a member for seven months. I love that Julep Maven is “4-free” (it doesn’t contain carcinogens formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene or DBP), the polishes are really creamy and smooth and a portion of all proceeds goes to organizations that empower women. I also love that my first box was a PENNY and I can cancel or skip any time. If you’re interested and want to get your first box for 1¢, click here and use the code PENNY.

Other Cool Subscription Services :
Beauty Army, $12 – Discover the best beauty products for your needs. Beauty Box 5, $12 – Receive 4-5 monthly samples of your favorite beauty brands.
Birch Box
, $10 – Hand-picked beauty and lifestyle samples, delivered to your door.                                                                                                                                                 Birch Box Men, $20 – Receive trial-size grooming and lifestyle products each month. (Great gift for a dad, partner, brother, friend, etc.)
curlBOX, $20 – An exclusive, affordable & effortless way to experience products for curly hair.                                                                                                       Eco-Emi, $15 – You will have the luxury of trying out the green world in the comfort of your own home.                                                                                               Glossy Box, $21 – Receive 5 beauty products from international brands and have exclusive access to global trends.
Green Grab Bag, $15 A surprise eco-friendly bag of natural beauty products delivered to your door every month.
Ipsy, $10 – Receive deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products each month. (Formerly known as My Glam Bag)
Nature Box, $19.95 – 4-6 full-sized healthy snacks delivered each month.
Kara’s Way, $15 – Receive 5-10 natural eco-friendly beauty products each month.
My Shade of Brown, $10 – 4 or 5 premium sized samples tailored to women of color delivered monthly.                                                                                        Popsugar, $35– Receive over $100 worth of full-size and premium hand-selected items in beauty, fashion, home, fitness, and food.                  Sample Society, $15 – Receive 5 deluxe-sized samples, a $15 gift code to redeem on a $50 purchase, expert beauty advice to accompany your samples from the editors of Allure, a one-year subscription to Allure magazine.         Starbox, $15 – Try entire makeup line for $15. They ship internationally.                                                                                                                          Total Beauty, $15 – Get 4-6 deluxe beauty samples of cosmetics, hair, and skin care products. Quantities are limited, so you have to sign up to be the first to know when a Collection goes on sale.

Check out my Julep Maven Review here on YouTube!

Are you a Beauty Subscription girl? If so, which one(s) are you subscribed to? Do you love it? {Post Image courtesy of Danielle Devay}


17 responses to “Which Beauty Subscription Girl Are You?

  1. Wow! I didn’t realize their were so many beauty subscriptions available. Learn something new everyday…lol I tried Julep once but the polishes seemed to chip to easily to me so I canceled it after one month. I’ve got my holy grail down to a science now so not wanting to join the Curlbox bandwagon…but some of these other look very interesting. Thanks so much for taking the time and compiling this awesome list together! 😀

  2. This is an awesome list! Will repost on Facebook for others to see. I use birch box myself but thanks for this cool update!

  3. WOW! Who knew there were so many beauty subscriptions

  4. I have Julep at the moment, I always forget to skip the month then I end up being glad I didn’t! lol. I’m interested in My Glam Box, just because its so cheap! Good list, I bookmarked it!

  5. I have a few boxes, but didn’t realize that there were so many either. I currently have Birch Box, Glossybox, Curlbox and Curlkit! I really shouldn’t look at these but I’m going to check them out anyway..lol thanks for posting!

  6. Wowzas! I had no idea that there were so many beauty subsriotions available…I was only aware of a few. Great list!

  7. Oh no!!!!!! Why did I even look at this! LOL I didn’t know all of these boxes existed… :/ I dunno… *checks wallet* LOL Thanks for the info mama!

  8. Lol I had no idea there were this many boxes. I used to be subbed to Birchbox…fail. I signed up for PopSugar, but I won’t get my box until December WOMP. They’re sold out, but they’re frickin awesome so I can totally see why. I’m abt to research that Nature Box because that seems like something I’d like. I’m also subbed to Julep & Curlkit but I’m unsubbing from them soon. Sharing this on FB 🙂

    • Me either! I watched tons of unboxing videos and wondered if anyone else knew there were so many. I contemplated unsubbing from Julep but they have such unique colors and products some months. However, as my nail polish collection grows I more frequently. #productjunkie Thank you for sharing. I really appreciate it!

  9. Hey lady! I’m so glad you shared this link with me. I’ve been wanting to try one of the monthly subscription boxes and had no clue where to begin. You’ve listed so many different options! Thanks for taking the time to tell us about these beauty subscriptions. I’m gonna dig deeper into these links and choose a couple =)

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