I Didn’t Know I Could Get Breast Cancer at 25

It was December and I was headed to the OB/GYN for a routine annual. For years those visits were weird but as I’ve gotten older I’m proud to say my doc and I have an understanding. She doesn’t even have to say “scoot down” anymore. Lol. (Ladies, you know what I’m talking about.) There was nothing she could say that would throw me for a loop. Or so I thought…

As my doc “massaged” my left breast she abruptly said “ummm…Ms. ______. I’ll be right back.” She returned and introduced me to Dr. X who also “massaged” me. They both looked at each other and nodded. Doctor X exited. My doctor turned to me and said “we feel a mass.” In that moment…I was gone.

She asked when was my last period and said something about hormones, cells and tissue…I could barely digest it, I had zoned out. She told me she wanted me to come back in a few weeks so she could examine me again. She said more than likely I was fine and all the other reassuring things she was probably supposed to say. I didn’t feel any better.

A few weeks later I went back to see her. The mass was still there. I was told I had to see a specialist and get a sonogram. I called several locations to make an appointment but the wait was so long, it made me even more depressed. I couldn’t believe what was happening. What’s worse is I dealt with it alone; I didn’t want to burden my friends and family with worrying about me. So, I handled it alone (like I do most things) and went about my daily activities like it was business as usual. I had no one to confide in and it was crazy.

Finally the day came. I prayed and prayed that I didn’t have breast cancer. Since I have lost family to cancer all I could think about was how much more I still wanted to do with my life. As I lay on that table I prepared myself for the worst and prayed for the best…but the mass was still there. I felt it. Every day. After what seemed like an eternity the technician said I was fine. Yes, I had a mass but it was definitely not cancerous and there was nothing to worry about. I wanted to kiss that lady square on the lips.

I was SO thankful. Some women aren’t but many times with preventative measures and early detection they may have caught the [breast] cancer before it was too late.

Breast Cancer Awareness is so important not just during October but every day. You should be examining your breasts daily. (I have a free chart hanging in my shower to remind me.) Now there are tons of FREE resources to help women learn more about the disease, signs to look for and what to do if you suspect that you have breast cancer.

If you haven’t been screened this year, please go and encourage all of your friends and family to do the same.

Please check back tomorrow for FREE Breast Cancer Awareness Resources. I love you for reading! Thank you.


Check out some more breast cancer posts from my BLM Blog Hop here. (The artwork does not belong to me, I found it online and thought it was fitting.)


40 responses to “I Didn’t Know I Could Get Breast Cancer at 25

  1. Great post and totally brings the message home that it CAN happen to you, even at 25. BLMGilrs!!

  2. Thank you for sharing this story. As we all seem to feel fine at one point its always a good idea to make certain we are following up with our regular check ups year round.

  3. So happy it was a false alarm! You’ve got me to thinking…..

  4. I had a similar experience earlier this year and I’m 30. This is real. Great post!

  5. Great Post! Early detection is Key! My Grandmother had a double Mastectomy and a male cousin had to have surgery a couple of years ago to remove a mass. He recently discovered another mass and is undergoing treatment. He is in his 30’s. Our church is hosting a prayer breakfast this saturday with an emphasis on Breast Cancer Awareness!
    I’m so happy that you are okay, I know that was a scary feeling but God is Good and always with us no matter the situation! Keeping all women and men lifted in prayer!

    • Wow! They are both in my prayers. Your cousin being effected shows that Breast Cancer does not discriminate. My hope is that any and everyone will realize they have the power to help and guide their own health. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Thanks for sharing. Amazing post. This is a reminder to cherish our bodies, be thankful, and take nothing for granted! Live each day to the fullest!

    • Yes, living and taking care of ourselves is very important. It’s hard opening up, especially when you don’t know who’s reading but we have to help each other. Thank you for reading.

  7. Great Story! God is Awesome!
    Please share your story with Man-Up Clothing at Damien@man-upclothing.com. Man-Up Clothing is celebrating women and encouraging all women to get checked everyday but particularly during the month of October. Checkout the inspiring story of Mr. Damien Forney, Founder and also Man-Up Clothing’s Pink-Will Power TShirt in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month at http://www.man-upclothing.com/shirts/shirt-pink-will-power/

    All LOVE,

  8. I’m so glad it was a false alarm! Definitely going to stop putting off my sonogram appt.

  9. Great post! I had a lump removed when I was 17 and talk about scary!!! I had aunts on both sides of the family pass away from breast cancer so I take it very seriously. As well as my grandmother passing away from ovarian cancer and a cousin from sickle cell. So glad to hear everything turned out ok. 😀

    • WOW! Praise Him you are healthy today. Yes, different forms of cancer run in my family so I am so cautious and scared. I can’t wait to read your post. Get ready for our Blog Hop! #BLMGirls

  10. This is such a timely post. Thanks for reminding us that it could happen to ANY of us. Praise the Lord this wasn’t your reality. Thank you for the free resource. I am definitely going to pass it along!

  11. Great post! I’ve had cysts in my breasts but nothing that had to be removed. I’m not as diligent as I should be about exams every single month but October is always a reminder to do so.

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  13. When I had a lump I freaked but was so thankful that it was/is fibrocystic breast tissue and I was in my 30’s at the time. Glad yours wasn’t cancer.

  14. That’s scary…but a definite “get them tatas checked NOW” reminder! Glad it worked out for the best!!!

  15. This is very true! I remember I had what I thought was a lump. Being the worrier that I am and the fact my grandma had breast cancer, I immediately made an appointment with my OB-GYN to get checked. Turns out, it was just a cyst. I was embarassed that I was panicking over nothing, but my doctor said that it was good that that I was self-examining and if it was worst that I would have caught it through self-detection. Great post!

  16. That is so scary I am glad everything turned out great and this goes to show that they need to take the younger women seriously just as much as those over 40

  17. Great blog post!! Glad I stopped by to read from the BLM.

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  19. Wow! What a story girl. I thank GOD that you are ok. I can’t imagine the terror you went through during that period. Checking one boobies is a must! Thanks for sharing. Make me a little more cognitive of my monthly checks.

    #BLMgirls Blog Hop

  20. Thanks for sharing, as I sit here with tears filling my eyes-God is a Mighty God!

  21. So glad you are fine and we have “met.” Thanks for sharing your story and linking to the blog hop!

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