Recap: Mane Attraction – His Voice // Her Hair, Hosted by Curly Girl Collective

This past Sunday I attended “Mane Attraction – His Voice Her Hair” hosted by Curly Girl Collective at Free Candy in Brooklyn, NY. What an amazing event! And, what a wonderful group of women.

When I first heard about the event I RSVP’d ASAP because CGC events fill up fast. I immediately emailed the link to all of my local curlfriends. Within days I started hearing some were denied but most confirmed. Oddly I hadn’t heard anything. That night I checked the Spam Folder so many times that I finally concluded my RSVP did not go through.

As the days went on CGC dropped more and more teasers about the event, I was tight. Unexpectedly a friend emailed the ladies asking if I could take her spot. I was touched! But, when we didn’t hear back I decided I’d sit this one out for fear of being turned away at the door.

The day before I tried my luck and replied to a CGC tweet with “can a confirmation be given to a friend if you can’t attend? An email has already been sent.” Within minutes someone responded “check in with the confirmed guest’s name. We’re responding to inquiries as we get them. Our inbox is quite full. Thank you for being patient with us.” I was too excited! As if that wasn’t dope enough a few hours later Julienne (CGC Marketing & Promotions Director) responded to my friend’s email and said we were BOTH confirmed. Whaaaaat?!?

When I arrived, I was indeed on the list. I checked my coat at the complimentary coat check and found my NHPIC (Natural Hair Partner in Crime) and we explored the venue. There were complimentary cocktails at the bar, a Vendor Gallery, a Men’s Lounge where guys were getting haircuts, a photo booth, a Curly Confessional and a hangout area. The artwork on the walls was bright and fun and made from recycled materials like phones, bikes, etc. It was such a good vibe and lots to see and do.

The energy was cool but even more important the panelists (Slim Jackson, Jozen Cummings, Franchesca Ramsey, Cipriana Quann and Dorien “Dee Dot” Brown) were so funny! All in all it was a good time and the main takeaway was “do what makes you happy and if he loves you he’ll love you no matter how you wear your hair or he’s probably not the one for you”. The panelists were real, lively and told great personal anecdotes. Guests also asked questions and I think we all learned from each other.

After the panel the DJ resumed (the music was bumpin’!) and people started mingling again. Shortly thereafter they raffled off the dopest gifts: Eden Body Works, Curl Max, Beautiful Textures, Miss Jessie’s, The Polish Bar (in Brooklyn), Frederick Benjamin, Dr. Miracles and more. As if all of that wasn’t enough, each guest was sent home with amazing swag bags.

Check out some dope pictures here!

THANK YOU, CGC! Curlies like you make me proud to be natural!

What was the last event you went to? Did you learn a lot? Meet other cool naturals?


2 responses to “Recap: Mane Attraction – His Voice // Her Hair, Hosted by Curly Girl Collective

  1. I was among the group that didn’t make it pass the rsvp confirmation. It sounds like it was a great event. Glad you got a chance to attend.

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