Biotin: The Hair Drug

Biotin is known as the “hair vitamin”. It promotes hair growth and protects against dryness. It also increases the hair’s elasticity which prevents breakage. But, it also transfers carbon dioxide and is essential in metabolizing carbohydrates and fat. Natural sources of Biotin include beans, breads, cauliflower, egg yolks, fish, kidney, legumes, liver, meat, dairy products, nuts, oatmeal, oysters, peanut butter, poultry, and whole grains.

As I get deeper into my journey many (new) naturals ask how I obtain and retain my length (my third curliversary is next month). That’s a hard question to answer because I do a number of things, one of them being taking one Biotin tablet daily. Also, since the beginning of September I’ve been participating in the Kinky Curly Coily Me Castor Oil Challenge (check out my post here). For the Challenge I measured my hair at the beginning of September and then again at the beginning of October and found it had grown ONE WHOLE INCH in only a month! (Hair typically grows 1/2 an inch each month.) It was nice to know that my hard work has been paying off but I’ve never been as interested in length as I am in health so numbers don’t mean as much to me as it does to some.

Biotin has been working great for me. I’ve noticed a significant difference in my nails especially. They used to be a bit dry at the tips but not anymore. Since taking Biotin they are much stronger and never break. I’ve never had a problem growing or retaining hair length even when I was relaxed and I take so many measures to ensure that I retain my hair’s moisture that honestly the signs of Biotin “working” are most evident in my nails which is the only way I know it’s working for my hair.

Final Verdict: Everything works differently for everyone so it’s important to remember that. If you want to speed up your hair growth, Biotin is relatively inexpensive (especially compared to other hair supplements on the market) so it is definitely worth giving it a try. As with any supplement, you should speak to a doctor before you start using it.

Have you tried Biotin or any other “hair vitamins”? If so, please share your results below.


16 responses to “Biotin: The Hair Drug

  1. Great post!! I have been using biotin not to grow my hair, but to grow my nails. At first, I didn’t see a change in nail growth or hair growth on my head….but I did find that the hair on my legs, and eyebrows grew faster after i shaved/waxed lol. I’ve discovered that massaging my nails with coconut oil and taking bioton daily have encouraged my nail growth.

    Maybe my dosage of biotin is too high, which may be why I am not seeing as much results with my hair growth. How many mcg of Biotin do you take?

  2. I was taking Biotin a few months ago to help with hair growth and even though I couldn’t tell if it had grown others could. I did notice a difference in my nails (before I got my acrylic put back on) my nails grew really fast, but they did break but some people say if your nails are too hard (or strong) that makes them easier to break (shrugs) so I guess they were too hard or strong. I haven’t taken the biotin in several months and I need to start back, even though my hair is growing (recently had it blown out) I think it’s shedding more and is very dry and dull. Not matter how much oil or moisturizer I put on it now it stays extra dry. I’ve always have problem with my hair retaining moisture but it’s worse now. And even more so with the recent heat damage to my hair. So I will be going back to using the biotin!!

    • Hey, Carsedra. It sounds like you have a little more going on than Biotin alone can cure. The breaking and dryness: are you drinking enough water? sealing your hair (ends)? re-moisturizing throughout the week? clipping your ends regularly? avoiding HIHS (hand in hair syndrome) for less frizz? What oil(s) are you using? That might help, too.

  3. For the past six months, I used hairfinity vitamins but I will not be continuing with them because I did not see the results I was expecting and they cost a lot. Today I purchased 3 month supply of biotin and women’s one a day multivitamin.

  4. I haven’t found a natural biotin supplement that doesn’t contain soy (allergy), so I guess I’ll have to stick to food-based sources; thanks for including the list 🙂 Also, if you don’t mind sharing, how exactly are you using the castor oil, and do you apply it to your hair only or to your scalp as well? Thanks!

  5. I don’t think I was seeing big results. My nails are also really fragile. I think I need to combine it with something else like calcium. I have been taking my prenatal vitamins but not as diligently. I definitely have to work on that if I want to be able to see and measure results better.

  6. I have a love/hate bittersweet relationship with biotin. It does make my hair thicken and grow, but it also reeks havoc on my skin. I get TERRIBLE breakouts! I don’t know if my dosage is to high or what, but I can’t take it regularly for that reason. I want to though! 😦

    • Really? If that’s the case, focus on hair retention instead of hair growth. Keep those ends tucked when possible and your hair moisturized. Although, Castor Oil does help with growth, too, if you want to try it.

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