Review: Doris New York Mud Minerals Pack Treatment

Product Name: Doris New York Mud Pack Treatment

Price: $25.00

Availability: Online BONUS: Free shipping on you your first order. (Please see website for details.)

Product Description: Doris New York has done it again! A truly unique product that offers super unique advantages! Dead Sea Mud is high in minerals and for years we have used it on our skin to exfoliate, deep clean, stimulate and provide much needed minerals. Your hair needs the same loving care. Our Mud Minerals Pack Treatment is just the right balance of vitamins, minerals, extracts and essential oils to give your hair back fabulous body, shine and moisture but most importantly remove unhealthy toxins from the scalp. Return to young fabulous hair! Best when used with Doris New York’s Reconstructor Shampoo. Excellent for ALL types of hair.

Scent: Minty. Earthy.

Consistency: Thick.

My Experience: This product was in my curlBOX Natural last month (check out my unBOXing here ). While I had never heard of the company I was excited because this was my first time using a mud treatment. I separated my hair into four sections, cleansed with Ouidad Curl Co-Wash (read my review here), rinsed each section thoroughly then applied the mud treatment to each section and then pinned each up. I put on a plastic cap and covered it with my Hair Therapy Wrap (read my review here) for about 20 minutes.

Pros: This product did exactly what it says it’s going to do. When I was done my scalp felt really clean and refreshed.

Cons: I can’t think of any. The product did exactly what it claims. I have heard a few complaints about the price but you get what you pay for usually. If you want something with good ingredients that will naturally cleanse your scalp, THIS is the type of treatment that you want. (I do wish the website had more information about the product though.)

Final Thoughts: I will definitely purchase this product when this bottle is done. It’s very cleansing and I’m sure after multiple uses the results will be even more noticeable.

Have you tried Doris New York? What did you think?


2 responses to “Review: Doris New York Mud Minerals Pack Treatment

  1. Wow! I give it to you….you aren’t afraid to experiment. I am the exact opposite!


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