Review: Silky Shea Hair Butter shea butter -

Product Name:  Silky Shea Hair Butter

Price:  $9.25, 4 oz.

Availability: Online here.

Product Description:  Silky Shea-Aloe Butter contains everything to take perfect care of your Braids, Twists, Afros and Extensions. Pure Shea Butter and Organic Aloe Vera keep your strands soft and moisturized while braided and coconut adds that natural healthy shine.

How to Use: Take a little Silky Shea-Aloe between thumb and wise finger and add it to hair from root to end. Comb or brush through before making a braid or twist.

Ingredients:  Pure African Shea butter, Aloe Vera Gel, botanical infusion of herbs, Coconut Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Essential Oils of Lavendin Grosso,  Lavandula officinalis , Citrus reticulate, Citrus reticulata, Anthemis nobilis, Matricaria chamomilla, Liquid Germall Plus.

Scent: Sweet and nutty.

Consistency: Thick and creamy.

My Experience:   I won this shea butter mix in a raffle when I attended Curly Demure’s monthly October dinner. Mireille Liong, the founder of, spoke with all of the attendees about hair health and the harmful effects of chemicals in and on our bodies. Some of the statistics she shared were new to me and very alarming.

I have used this cream three times since I got it. Twice on co-washed hair and once on shampooed hair. All three times it performed exactly the same. It gave me great definition and my curls were elongated – minimal shrinkage (compared to other creams I’ve used on my wet twists/twist outs).

Pros: I love this butter. My hair loves butter but this one is really moisturizing and a little goes a long way. Also, because of the creamy consistency I don’t have to melt the shea butter between my fingers. It gave my hair a nice shine every time.

Cons:  It doesn’t come in a bigger size.

Final Thoughts:  I love this cream. I’m so glad I won it or I would have never known about it and been able to try it. I would definitely recommend it! And, I would definitely purchase it.

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12 responses to “Review: Silky Shea Hair Butter

  1. Beautiful, beautiful curls!

  2. Lovely curl definition…and the ingredients sound so good for hair…I’ll be adding that to my wish list. cheers!

  3. Yeah after seeing the reviews on their site, it does seem like a great purchase.

  4. I have not heard of thisp product until today. I’m defintely going to check out their site. It is so hard to find the right mix of products for great results; I’m discovering. I have pure aloe vera gel that I got from the health food store and great moisturizers but none like this. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This is so pretty!!! My inner PJ is telling me I may need to check out the site…lol

  6. OMG… Your curls are beautiful!! Did you use the cream with a twist-n-curl? How long did you leave your twists in? Just gorgeous!

    I’ve gone 3 months without straightening my hair. Since I straighten it so much, I don’t have a curl pattern. So, I tried TNCs and flat twists but it doesn’t seem to turn out right. Lately, I’ve had someone to rod it up on flexirods and it only lasts a week. Please give details on your twists and the cream. THANKS!!

    • Thank you! No, just regular two strand twists. I twist on wet hair and leave them in during the week (I pin them up every day for work) then take them out on the weekend since I wash every Sunday. If you haven’t already, try protein treatments like aphogee and weekly deep conditions to try to reverse *some* of the damage. If it does work, it will take a while but it might help.

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