Recap: My First Blogger Panel at Frotastic Beauty - FROTASTIC Event FlyerLast month I was on my first Blogger Panel! And, of course the topic was NATURAL HAIR! It was so much fun.

During NYFW I went to a few curly events (check out my NYFW Recap here). At the Blogger Meet & Greet I met La’Nisha. I immediately noticed her because she was wearing a Karen’s Body Beautiful t-shirt. We started talking and I learned that she is a Karen’s Body Beautiful Ambassador and the founder of Curly Divas, a facebook community of 1,000+ members whose common interest is caring for their natural hair. We exchanged business cards and talked about working together in the future.

Low and behold, a few weeks later I received an invitation from La’Nisha to be one of the bloggers on her natural hair panel at her third event, Frotastic Beauty.

When I arrived I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. Would the guests like me? Would they ask me any questions or even care about what I had to say? Would I have all of the answers? I was worried for no reason – the event was so much fun and a great success! La’Nisha was very warm and welcoming. The guests were very inviting and asked questions about everything hair, including reversing heat damage, preparing your hair for color treatments, how to combat dry scalp, co-washing and our current regimens.

La'Nisha doing a Bantu Knot demonstration.

La’Nisha doing a Bantu Knot demonstration.

I’m very grateful to La’Nisha and Curly Divas for being so gracious. The event was a huge success and I’m excited to say that I can now add “Natural Hair Panelist” to my growing list of Blog Accomplishments.

Myself, La'Nisha and Jennifer of

Myself, La’Nisha and Jennifer of

To learn more about Curly Divas, get current info about upcoming events and get natural hair support check them out here. You can also contact La’Nisha directly for more information about Karen’s Body Beautiful products (which I LOVE) at

My Biggest Fan. Mom,

My Biggest Fan. Mom.

Thank you, La’Nisha, for a wonderful time and an amazing opportunity. And, thank YOU for reading this and showing me and my hair so much love. I continue to be amazed and thankful.


4 responses to “Recap: My First Blogger Panel at Frotastic Beauty

  1. theenaturallysexie

    It was great meeting & you did AMAZING for your first Q&A panel. I looking forward to working with you again.

  2. You are doing your thang girlie.

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