MANIcure Monday: Take 1 - manimon 121012-1So I finally got around to doing my nails in time for MANIcure Monday and I’m so excited. I can twist, unravel and pin this hair up and make it look SUPER interesting but when it comes to nails…I’m not as - manimon 121012-2MANIcure Monday is hosted every week by Lynn and Mimi. (Go check them out!) A bunch of my Blogger Girls have been participating for weeks but I’ve been a little intimidated. I think I did a good job for my first try. But, now this means I have to come up with something even better next week. :-\ Lol. What do you think? 🙂

Kiss Nail Dress, Jeweled Strips – This is my second time using these Kiss nail stickers and I absolutely love them because they can easily jazz up a boring manicure (even though metallic silver isn’t exactly “boring”). I’m not sure where they’re sold because I got them in an event swag bag but I would imagine you can pick them up in drug stores. I really like that 28 come in the pack. There are enough to create quite a few designs. I split the pack with my sissy and I still have a ton left to play with. I also like them because some of them are big enough to use on your toes, if you’d like.

Julep, Harley – Julep Maven is amazing. I’ve been signed up since February. You can check out my Julep review here. I LOVE Julep. The colors are gorgeous (and different from anything I see in drugstores) and the formula is amazing – my Julep manis easily last throughout the week when I use a base and top coat.

Do you have a favorite nail polish brand, color or design? PLEASE share below (I need ideas for next week – lol) - manimon 121012-3


4 responses to “MANIcure Monday: Take 1

  1. Heyyyyyy… so glad you decided to link up this week! You did a GREAT job on the nails. Also, as for me I think OPI just may be my favorite it latest the longest and the color ALWAYS come out FAB but the price is a major deal breaker for me. I think I own about 5 bottles of OPI and i didn’t purchased not one of them! lol

  2. Love it! I haven’t tried that particular design yet…adding it to the list. =)

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