Blogger Box Swap - beauty blogger box swapLast month Melissa of MelissaChanel and Kelley of KeepSittingPretty  announced that they were hosting a Blogger Box Swap (check out the original post here) and requested that interested bloggers email them. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to connect with new bloggers and share and try more products (smh).

I was really excited when I received the email confirming that I had been selected as one of the bloggers for the Swap. Shortly thereafter, I received my blog buddy’s information and lo and behold I was paired with Roni, The Savvy Housewife, of It was funny because not only are Roni and I both members of the blogger group Bloggers Like Me (which is how we virtually met) but we are both also natural hair Staff Writers for and have been working together for several months. So, needless to say, Roni and I are well-acquainted (well, as much as you can be via telephone and internet).

The Box I Swapped: NYC Black Eyeliner Pencil, 2 Nail Polishes (one was gold glitter but I can’t remember the other…), Sally Hansen Salon Effects (Lace), Shea Moisture Body Scrub (Coconut & Hibiscus), Shea Moisture Body Scrub (Lavender)

I love Shea Moisture so of course I had to send Roni some SM products. I decided to send her body scrubs because even though I have finally found them at Target, it took months. So, I wanted to share something with her that might not be that easily accessible and that is a new favorite of mine. I also have been loving eyeliner lately so I sent her a pencil. Finally, I recently started obsessing over nail polish so I sent her some polishes and Salon Effects for the days she needs to do a quick no-fuss mani. Before I chose the items I checked Roni’s Instagram to see what products she has and like. I really didn’t want to send her stuff she already has so it was hard because she has so many cool products already.

The Box Roni Swapped: Aussie Moist Conditioner, Wet n Wild Limited Edition Fauna Collection, ChapStick Lip Shield 365, Eyelash Curler, Covergirl Lashblast Fusion Mascara, ULTA Automatic Eyeliner in Black/Brown, Covergirl Blast Flip Stick in 855 Minx, imPress Press-On Manicure in Homewrecker & Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Queen of the Jungle, China Glaze Crackle Glaze in Latticed Lilac, Essence of Beauty Body & Hand Cream in Citrus Coconut, Olay 2-in-1 Daily Facial Cloths

Needless to say, Roni hooked me up! I was definitely floored when I received my box because it was HUGE (and much bigger than it appeared on IG!!!). But, also because it was FULL of items. I felt really bad when I saw everything she sent because I definitely didn’t send as many items. (Side note: One of the first questions I asked the ladies was for a price point. Lol. So, when they said $30 I figured I was good.) But, ummm yeah…Roni…yeah. Lol. I absolutely LOVE everything you sent me! I’ve also never tried any of it so that, too, was surprising. I’m not a huge makeup wearer (even though I love it) but I was surprised I had never even seen some of the items before. I’m definitely going to have fun trying this stuff out. And, I DEFINITELY owe Roni. Since I do have her address, maybe Santa will drop something extra in the mail for her… 😉

Huge thank you to Melissa and Kelley for coordinating such a fun Swap. Please check them out (their links are above) and also check out my BF (Blogger Friend), Roni. Thank you, Roni. I appreciate you!

Have you tried any of the products Roni sent me? Or any other cool products you think I would like? Please share below.


6 responses to “Blogger Box Swap

  1. I’m so glad you liked your goodies! Have fun using them! =)

  2. Melissa is the best! How ironic is it that a BLM girl was your swap buddy!

  3. I need to check out this swap deal. I missed it!

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