2013 W&W Week Part 3: What’s your vision?

www.curlsandmo.com Vision BoardYesterday we talked about how to figure out what we want now (2013) by examining what you did then (2012). You can read “2013 W&W Week Part 2: Setting Your 2013 Goals by Looking Back” here so you can print or download the workbook I shared.

This past weekend I finally completed my vision board. I still don’t know how a project that began with so much promise at a friend’s Vision Board Brunch took 11 months to complete. Smh. I was finally inspired to complete it when I joined the Regal Realness Vision Board Challenge.

A vision board is a collage of images or things you want in your life and that are meaningful to you. You can make a physical board like I did or you can make virtual boards online using Pinterest (check out my Curls and Mo Pinterest boards). You can also make a vision board for anything you want. The idea is that if you see something every day it will eventually manifest in your life. Some people make boards for one specific want or desire while others do what I did and separate their board into categories.vision boardMy three categories are love, general likes/wants and Curls and Mo (as a brand).

Love: The first thing I have is “true match love” because that’s exactly what I want. Although this section is incomplete (I will add more as the year progresses) for now it works because the vision is clear enough for me. I also have a picture of the Obamas because they are an amazing example of [black] love and a few other images that symbolize love.vision board2General: In this section I have cool pictures and words that have personal meaning to me. A friend asked why the words “Louis Vuitton” are on my board. About 5 years ago I promised myself once I obtain a certain huge goal in my life I will reward myself with a LV bag. I’m sure anyone who sees my board would automatically assume I’m materialistic. But, a LV means so much more – it’s symbolic. The point is, don’t worry about what anyone will think about your board. Make it meaningful to you.vision board4Curls and Mo: Curls and Mo continues to grow faster than I can keep up with her. And I love it because I work best under pressure. Here I have a few quotes and pictures I like. But, by far the coolest thing I found was “I am not my hair”. I HAD to include it because I completely agree with this statement. I laughed when I saw it because I even said that in my YouTube Intro video. Lol.vision board1If you have the time, take an afternoon to gather some old magazines, a cup of your favorite tea or wine and make your own board. I’ve heard stories about people creating vision boards and then experiencing wonderful life changes. For more information about how to make a vision board, check out this article on Oprah’s site “What the Heck’s A Vision Board—and How Can It Change Your Life?”.vision board3

The Regal Realness Vision Board Challenge will be ongoing. There will be tasks throughout the year. Participants have already received our first assignment and I’m excited to complete it. Check out Regal Realness! She’s amazing.

Have you made a 2013 vision board? Have you noticed any positive changes in your life since making yours? Please share below.


5 responses to “2013 W&W Week Part 3: What’s your vision?

  1. Although I haven’t made a physical vision board, I have started a ‘secret’ one on my Pinterest. Like you, I see a LV bag as a symbol of ‘Okay world, I’m here..” I also have a pair of Louboutins on my board as well.

    Regardless these material possessions are just the little things as our vision is not to achieve those things but to work to our full potential and be successful so that when we are ready.. we can spoil ourselves without having to worry about going broke. lol


  2. I love love love making vision boards and collages of inspirational quotes. I love how you have divided yours into categories! When I make mine I will have my dreams and goals as well as shoes and other material things that I want. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I love it, “Make it meaningful to you.”
    I am a very visual person, so they keep me focused on my goals and it’s refeshing to see statements each day such as unstoppable, it’s a new day and let your best self shine. I have so many things in my room to encourage me; I look at them each morning before I get out of bed!

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