2013 W & W Week Part 4: Achieve Your 2013 Goals in 3 Easy Steps

www.curlsandmo.com Reaching GoalsDay 1 of Wealth and Wellness Week we talked about money.  Days 2 we focused on what we did in 2013 and what we want in 2013 . Day 3 we talked about the things that are important to us. (Click each link to catch up.) Today we’re discussing goals: how to realistically set and attain them.

The problem many people (myself included) have when setting goals is that we make them so broad, general and huge, that we rarely take any substantial actions towards attaining them or we start working towards them and then abandon them because they’re too big or too much work.

I recently watched NikkiPhillippi’s video “How To Make Your Dreams Come True” on YouTube and it was very insightful. She explains and illustrates how we can break our goals down into smaller workable “pieces”. I highly suggest watching the video to get a clear understanding of what the steps are but I’ll break them down for you as best I can.

1. Create a list of goals.

Sample 2013 Goals

Eat Healthier

Get in Shape

Remodel Kitchen

2. Break each goal down into tasks. Brainstorm and think of all of the things you can do [daily] that can help you reach the bigger goal. Think of it as the goal being the umbrella and every step you can take to achieve it falling underneath the umbrella. For this one I am going to take just one goal (from above) and show how much simpler we can make it.

Remodel Kitchen

Take DIY Renovation Workshops at Home Depot

Choose a Floor Plan

Choose Tiles

Choose a Color-Scheme

3. Make a daily task list. Break each task down into things you can do every single day to reach that main goal and decide on how much time you can realistically commit to that one task. Make sure the amount of time is reasonable so that you can stick to it. Below are daily tasks that could work towards the kitchen remodel.

Watch HGTV 15 mins.

Search Pinterest 10 mins.

Price floor plans 5 mins.

And, that’s it! 🙂 The key is to make a short, realistic list of daily tasks for each task/goal and to do a few small things each day that will eventually help you reach whatever it is that you want. It’s likely that some days you will spend more than the allotted time on any given goal if you’re really into it. But, even if you don’t you can at least feel good that you did something. Find your groove, enjoy whatever you work on and always be working towards your goals.

www.curlsandmo.com picture frameI found this simple, clear 5×7 frame at my local dollar store. I’m going to put my daily tasks list in it and place it on my table/work area at home so that I see it every day and remember to complete my tasks. (Loving that the black chica is natural. Lol.)

What goals have you come up with? Have you ever tried this method before? What do you think? Do you have your goals but are struggling with how to break them down? Email me!


4 responses to “2013 W & W Week Part 4: Achieve Your 2013 Goals in 3 Easy Steps

  1. I’ve come up with, getting back into a regular yoga and meditation practice, bringing my lunch to work at least three days out of the week and working on my conversational Spanish.

    • nice. i need to resume yoga, too. i usually bring lunch – it’s the only way to really know what’s going into your body. and, i’m going to hold you to all of these. 😉

  2. Excellent post! Breaking our goals down into smaller pieces makes them more manageable for sure.

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