2013 W & W Week Part 5: Let’s Get Organized!

W n W OrganizeOn Monday we talked about striving to be more financially stable in 2013. Tuesday I shared a workbook with you that will help you map out this year by reflecting on last year. Wednesday I shared my vision board and tips on making your own. Thursday I shared 3 easy ways you can successfully attain your goals. Today we’re going to talk about getting organized for the New Year.

I don’t know about you but I cannot work in a cluttered area and if my home is messy I feel discombobulated. So, after seeing what my Blogger Friend did over on asliceofglam.com with her beautiful workspace, I decided it was time for me to revamp and de-clutter mine, too.

If you follow me on Instagram (@curlsandmo) then you saw that I got a new monitor for Christmas. 🙂 While I hadn’t asked for one, I am very thankful because the dual screen will definitely make blogging and staying on track much easier. I needed to find a place to put it though. My workspace was so cluttered and hard to navigate that I decided to remove everything and only replace what I need. The only things remaining are my 2013 planner, 2013 workbook (from Day 2), a notebook, my external hard drive and flash drives and my daily tasks list (from Day 4)

My workspace is nowhere near as glamorous or beautiful as Amberly’s on asliceofglam.com but I think I’m off to a good start. Here’s a before and after of her workspace. A SLICE OF GLAMThank you for the inspiration, Amberly. I will continue to work on my space until it’s as beautiful as yours. Follow @asliceofglam on Instagram for great DIY, styling and fab finds. She’s also on Pinterest.

I have some other organization projects in mind for the next few weekends. I might share my progress as it comes along either here on the blog or on my YouTube Channel.

Closets: Since I still own clothes from middle school, even though everything still fits, unless it has sentimental value it’s time to donate it. The closet space I clear will be used to store crafting supplies, games and other miscellanies items in clear storage bins I’m going to purchase from the Container Store.

Shoes: I might give away some shoes. But, I am definitely getting a new shoe rack to display some of them because I think it will look much neater and more presentable.

Bookshelves: I have two bookshelves and they are completely filled. I am going to clear (donate) some of the books, spread the remaining ones out and add some cute accents to each shelf to make it more personalized, fun and girly.

Bedside: I’m finally going to put some thought and effort into sprucing up my bedside area. I’ll probably get some pretty (fake) flowers to put there.

Do you have any home or workspace changes or upgrades planned for 2013? What are they?


6 responses to “2013 W & W Week Part 5: Let’s Get Organized!

  1. Aww thanks so much for the shout out! 🙂

  2. no fake flowers, do fruit instead. unless ur getting fancy silk ones hubba hubba. you can try to sell your books at strand bookstore that’s where i will be hopefully tomorrow.

  3. yo did i come on your blog and boss you around though?

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