Mani Monday: Holiday Edition - manimon 121012-3Last week I skipped Mani Monday because it was 2013 Wealth and Wellness Week here on the blog. (Click the “Inspiration” link to the right to see all of the information I shared about starting 2013 off in a positive way.) This week I’m going to share my Holiday nails.

Christmas. Even though I think red nail polish looks really good on my complexion I rarely wear it. Red nail polish, like red lipstick, must be the right shade to compliment your skin tone. I recently ordered one of the Julep Holiday sets/specials and I was excited there was a red included (Sharon). It’s a deeper color than I would normally select but I really like it. It was the perfect Holiday - manimon 011413-1

New Year. I took advantage of being away [from the office] for New Year and decided to re-create the accent nail “twist” I had seen recently. For the look I used two Wet n Wild colors I recently purchased. The purple is On a Trip and the mint green is I Need a Refresh-Mint. I used two coats of both and I loved the end - manimon 011413-2

What color(s) are you rocking this week? Please share below.


12 responses to “Mani Monday: Holiday Edition

  1. Both of those colors are HOT!! I think I have the mint green color or at least one close to it. Gorgeous!!!

  2. Wait a minute, is that your hand in the first pic? The flash is cahrayzay! I love the combo of that WnW mani I think I told you that on IG!

  3. Cute! Cute! and cute! lol

  4. I love these two colors paired together! Cute!

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