Castor Oil Challenge Recap & Spring Registration FINAL-SPRING-CASTOR-OILThis past Fall I participated in the Castor Oil Challenge hosted by Jenell of (Check out my original post here.) I joined the Challenge because I heard that Castor Oil promoted hair health and growth. I was intrigued because I had noticed significant hair growth from Jenell and she ranted and raved about Castor Oil so I decided to give it a try.

The first few weeks were challenging because I kept forgetting to use the Castor Oil. However, once I got into the swing of things and a routine I definitely saw a difference in my hair. Before the Challenge I measured my hair in the back, front and sides. For the one month check-in, I realized my hair had grown an inch! All the way around! I couldn’t believe that my hair had grown an inch in only one month. That was all of the motivation I needed to keep going and be serious about the Challenge. I made sure to keep up with my Castor Oil use and monitor my scalp and growth throughout the Challenge.

At the end of the Challenge my hair was two inches longer (it grew a little more but I trimmed my ends a little mid-way). I was so shocked that I actually contemplated re-registering for the Winter Castor Challenge but I didn’t because I had planned on getting a long-term protective style at the time.

Personally I was skeptical but after consistently doing the LOC Method with Castor Oil for a few weeks then seeing consistent growth I am definitely a believer. I have implemented Castor Oil into my weekly routine, especially since it’s a heavy oil and it’s winter, it’s been great at helping me retain moisture. I haven’t measured it lately but I did a length check last week and I’ve already reached BSL which I’m very happy about because that means my hair is growing nicely.Castor Oil Spring 2013My Suggestion: If you’re looking for something to help you with scalp health and hair growth then give Castor Oil a shot. All of the information is in the flyer above and I bought my Castor Oil from Amazon.

Have you tried Castor Oil? What did you think? Is it part of your Healthy Hair Regimen?


5 responses to “Castor Oil Challenge Recap & Spring Registration

  1. I bought my castor oil because if your post. Unfortunately, didn’t apply it too many times because of the heaviness/stickiness. What do you use to apply it or did I miss that part? The good news is I have stepped up my biotin. 😀

  2. Ok I just saw your LOC video for the first time. Definitely wasn’t using that much or as my LOC oil. I will give that a shot.

  3. I kind of want to try the challenge but I am just not disciplined enough… But, Im going to give it more thought!

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