Friday’s 5 Loves 2.8.13

Friday LovesI hope everyone had a good week. The weather here in NY has had me a little down because it’s so cold but hopefully the Groundhog was right and we’ll have an early beats

Beats Earbuds
I LOVE these little things. I’ve had them for about a year now and they are still kicking. When I first got them I definitely didn’t think they would be so powerful but they allow me to block out the world when necessary without feeling like I’m going deaf. The sound quality is unmatched. twitterTwitter
I know this is kind of obvious but I SERIOUSLY love Twitter. I have met so many cool and supportive fellow bloggers and curlistas. It’s been amazing. If you’re not on Twitter or using it regularly you should really try it! Check me out @curlsandmo!

mani 2-4-13My Mani
I often see pics on IG of what I think is called “jelly” polish and I’ve always liked it. This week without even planning it, I recreated a look very similar using Wet n Wild polishes. Check out the Mani Monday post HERE and a tip I use to make my manis last longer.

20130126_195553_wmKaren of Karen’s Body Beautiful
A few weekends ago I attended Jenell’s Dinner with the Curl Friends. Even though I’ve been to several this one was extra special because Karen of KBB was the special guest. I absolutely love Karen. For someone of her status her spirit and humility is unreal.  She posted the above pic of us on Instagram with the caption “Me and Curls and Mo at Jenell’s CurlFriends dinner, lover her!” Ahhhh! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Lol! KBB has even been gracious enough to sponsor a Curls and Mo giveaway. ENTER HERE and follow her on Instagram @karensbeautiful. wet n wild eyebrowWet n Wild Eyebrow Kit
I’ve had this since last Spring and I JUST hit pan on it this week. I get so many compliments on my eyebrows and I owe it all to this $4 kit. This is by far the best eyebrow kit Ive ever owned. Check out my review here.

Thank you for reading, curlistas. What were your favorite things this week? You can tweet me your favorite things, too, with the hashtag #Fri5Luvs. xoxo


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