Mani Monday: Two Mani Tricks I Swear By!

Glitter makes me happy.

Glitter makes me happy.

Yesterday I was in a rush so I had no choice but to rely on my “Quick Mani”. I figured there was no better time than today to share my two greatest mani tips with you. First: the “Quick Mani”. Second: how I remove glitter nail polish fast, easy and cheap!

Tip 1: Quick Mani

Whenever I’m in a time crunch I have found that I reach for glitter nail polish. But, not just any glitter nail polish. I love the Julep gold glitter nail polish because it matches anything, is super easy to apply and looks a little more sophisticated than having rainbow glitter on your nails.  Of course you can use any color glitter. However, I prefer the gold for my “Quick Mani”. Depending on where you’re going, it doesn’t look as juvenile or young and since I’m in my late 20s I don’t feel like I look like a child when I wear the gold.

For my “Quick Mani” I only apply one coat which is great because it dries super fast. I can get completely dressed, put on one coat and hit the streets without worrying about smudging or mishaps.

Tip 2: Removing the “Quick” Mani

I have heard lot of ladies complain about removing glitter nail polish and what a hassle it is because it’s so time-consuming. I disagree. When I found this product I could not believe how EASY it was to remove glitter nail polish. To top it off, it only costs $3.00. You may have seen it before and never bothered to pick it up. But, I’m telling you it works miracles.

If you want to see how I remove stubborn glitter nail polish, check out my video! 😉

What mani are you rocking this week? Don’t forget to check out my girls! - manimon 121012-3


6 responses to “Mani Monday: Two Mani Tricks I Swear By!

  1. awesome tip..thanks for sharing..smooches!!

  2. I totally need manicure help so this is great – what do you do for cuticles? That’s my 20,000 Question!

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