Manicure Monday: Ombre Nail FAIL - manimon 022513-1This week’s manicure is brought to you by ZOYA. I attempted to create an ombre nail design twice but failed miserably both times. The first time I used light gray, medium gray and black. Not only was it messy but I forgot that I have small nail bed which meant all three colors did not transfer to my nails; most of the third color wound up on my skin. The second time I tried doing a light gray base coat and adding a dark gray as the accent. This didn’t work because … it just didn’t … I’m not sure why not. 😦 - manimon 022513-2

Ombre Supplies…FAIL!

Finally I decided to just stick with the light gray and leave the other colors for another time. This ZOYA shade is DOVE. (I also wore it here.) I love ZOYA polishes because they are natural. You don’t have to worry about the harsh chemicals that you do with most other polishes. these are a great alternative if you’re pregnant or normally choose cosmetics that are not harmful to your health.

What’s on your nails this week? Have you tried Ombre before? If so, please help me, it was a mess. Lol. And, remember to check out my girls! - manimon 121012-3


6 responses to “Manicure Monday: Ombre Nail FAIL

  1. On my nails would be the coconut oil that you told me to massage into my cuticles. Love your colors – and no, ombre would not work for me due to my also small beds – but the dove looks gorgeous!

  2. never tried ombre….would love to. I think i tried and failed in the past lol…

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