Friday’s Five Loves 3.8.13

Friday Loves

Tomorrow is Curly Card Night. I’m nervous and excited at the same time. It doesn’t matter how prepared I think I am, I’m always worried hoping people will enjoy themselves and have fun. If you’re in NY I hope you can come. We have some great sponsors and it’s a good time. pinterestPinterest: I get so much good info from Pinterest! It took a little while to get the hang of but it’s honestly right up there with Google as far as search engines go (in my opinion). If you’re not signed up, you should definitely check it out. It’s helped me plan parties, with blogging and there are tons of tutorials on different things (especially makeup lol).

20130307_182540Green Smoothies: Last week I started drinking green smoothies. I can’t believe how good I feel! It’s amazing! I thought they would be horrible but it all depends on what you put into them. I have created a Green Smoothie Pinterest Board, if you’re interested and I’ve been adding my recipes on IG (@curlsandmo) with the hashtag #curlsandmoGS. I signed up for the 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge in April. Let me know if you’re interested! mtaMTA: Apparently there was a price increase … this week? Lol. I have no idea. A lot of people were upset about the increase and I am, too. But, the MTA is the cheapest most reliable way to get around the city. I think as NYers we take it for granted. I no longer have to worry about alternate side parking, not finding parking or traffic. I’ve used the metro in other cities and countries and we’ve got a good thing going (for the most part).

 TargetTarget Red Card: If you love Target as much as I do then I hope you have the Target debit card. I wrote about it here (on my first post). It’s linked to your checking account so you don’t receive a monthly bill. However, it entitles you to all of the same perks as the credit card: 5% savings online and in-store, free shipping with no minimum purchase and emails about special promotions. I have had my card for years and just recently convinced my uncle (who basically lives there) to get one. I would highly recommend getting one the next time you’re there. bare mineralsBare Minerals Foundation: I have been using this foundation for years and I absolutely love it. While I don’t use it daily (and not even weekly) I really like it because it looks natural, it’s not heavy and I can wear it all day without feeling like I have makeup or foundation on. The Bare Minerals mascara was also one of my past Friday Loves. I think that BM makes great products and if you’re interested you can stop by Sephora to try it out or ask questions.

How was your week? What are you loving this week?


2 responses to “Friday’s Five Loves 3.8.13

  1. Love green smoothies! I’ve been drinking one almost every day for 6 months now and swear by them!

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