Friday’s 5 Loves 3.29.13

Friday LovesI’m so sorry I haven’t shared my 5 favorite things for a few weeks. I’ve just been in such a rut lately and I honestly don’t know why. Wednesday was the first time in a little while that I felt 100% like myself and was “hungry”. Hungry for more. Hungry for life. Hungry for Curls and Mo…if that makes any sense. My urge to push Curls and Mo was renewed and I worked on a few things I had been neglecting like Curly Card Night. Here are the things I loved this week… tea treeBody Shop Tea Tree Skincare Products: Last week I stopped by the Body Shop to pick up some of their Tea Tree toner. I had read so many great things about tea tree oil and how good it is for your skin that I was excited when I learned that Living Social credited my account $15 (I still don’t know why) and that there was a current $10 for $20 Body Shop promotion. Obviously I took advantage of it and bought the entire kit. I’ve been using it for the past week and have seen wonderful results. fageFage Greek Yogurt: I am in love with this yogurt. But, only the one with honey. Lol. It’s a great snack, especially topped with almonds. - manimon 030413OPI Nail Polish: I’ve always been an essie girl but lately I find myself buying and loving OPI polishes. I love that it leaves my nails glossy and shiny before even applying a top coat! Check out one of my OPI looks here. coffeeLocal Coffee Shops: I recently found an amazing vegan coffee shop in my neighborhood! It has a Manhattan feel without the Manhattan prices or crowd and all of the food is fresh and tasty. I love it! I’ve gone there several times with friends and every time I love it even more. I found it on Yelp. Definitely check sites like Yelp and Google to find small, local businesses to fall in love with and support. happinessSetbacks and Disappointments: Lately things have been a little topsy-turvy for me. It’s hard to be at peace with where you are in life when you know you’re not where you want to be in life. However, I had to remind myself that I am SO blessed. Not many people have done and accomplished what I have so I really need to count my blessings. I also had to remind myself that if it wasn’t for the setbacks and disappointments in life we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the amazing things that happen to us.

What were your favorite things this week? Please share them with me below.


4 responses to “Friday’s 5 Loves 3.29.13

  1. This is a great post. OMG that is my favorite is the honey yogurt too! It is the best. I’m using the seaweed collection from the body shop, and I like the results so far. And have you ever tried David’s Tea, it’s a great specialty tea shop on I 65th and 3rd(I think). And their prices are really good as well.

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