Mani Monday: Tiffany Blue and Glitter French - manimon 042913-2Today was a last minute mani. Last week my friend, Nicole, let me borrow her Turquoise & Caicos (yet another essie color I’ve been drooling over forever). Of course I was itching to use it. I haven’t been keeping up with manis but earlier today I decided I would give the mani below on the right a try. But, when I did…it came out like the bottom left. LOL. That was a no-go. - manimon 042913-4I didn’t want to start all over so I improvised and decided I hadn’t rocked a French manicure in forever. If you look at the picture above on the right you can see where I attempted a French with the white and that, too, was a no-go. LOL. - manimon 042913-1Finally a light bulb went off and I remembered the silver glitter that’s been my go-to lately. I figured a “French mani” with silver glitter might be kind of amazing and I was right. I really like how this came out. I DON’T, however, like this essie polish. At all. I was expecting more. I don’t know. I feel like it was too streaky, wasn’t opaque enough. I prefer my Wet n Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint seen here and here.

What are you rocking this week? Tweet me or tag me on instagram if you posted a picture. I would love to see it! Check out my girls Mimi and - manimon 121012-3


6 responses to “Mani Monday: Tiffany Blue and Glitter French

  1. OOOh, I love this! Soo cute!

  2. Stopping by from Sharefest…Nice Mani! I also love Wet n Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint and was curious about this similiar color…after reading this I will hold off on the Essie color.

  3. What a beautiful blue!

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