Friday’s 5 Loves 5.3.13

Friday LovesWelcome, May! This year is almost halfway done! Can you believe it? I hope you all had a fabulous week! - shower glovesExfoliating Shower Gloves – A few years back I discovered exfoliating shower gloves when I roomed with a classmate on a school trip and showers

have never been the same. They’re really great because they help your skin cells renew themselves and keep your skin soft. They’re also super cheap and can be thrown in the wash with your linens. shea moisture soapShea Moisture Shea Butter Soap – I bought this soap last fall and I love it. It’s super moisturizing and lasts forever. I used it during the winter when I wasn’t using my Shea Moisture scrubs and it was great. - pandoraPandora – I love music and since I’m always on the computer I’m usually tuned in to Pandora. My favorite station is the Brandy Station. - manimon 042913-1Silver Glitter Nail Polish – When I attended IMATS New York (my Recap is coming soon – I promise!) I bought a few things. One of the best investments I made was my JessesGirl/JulieG nail polishes. I have been using the Julie G “A Star is Born” which is a beautiful silver glitter for the past few weeks. Check out this week’s mani here. marthasMartha’s Bakery – I recently reunited with a college friend I had lost touch with. We meet weekly at Martha’s Country Bakery on Austin Street. There are a ton of eateries on Austin Street but Martha’s is quaint and I love it. If you’re ever on Austin Street check it out. They have other locations, too. But, if you’re not in NY, find your own “Martha’s” and support small local businesses.

What products have you been loving? What have been your favorite products this spring? Please share below.


8 responses to “Friday’s 5 Loves 5.3.13

  1. Love Pandora and love exfoliating gloves! Where is Austin Street?

  2. I’ve been thinking about getting some exfoliating gloves. Do you use them with soap or pre-wash, like dry brushing?

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  4. I just had to let you know that exfoliating gloves have changed my skincare life! They are SO good! Thanks for the tip 🙂

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