Friday’s 5 Loves 5.10.13

Friday LovesIt’s finally gorgeous in NYC! Finally! I am excited because tomorrow is the May Curly Card Night. I’m not expecting as many guests as usual – I think I picked a bad weekend since Mother’s Day is the next day. But, we’re going to have fun regardless! I’m also excited because I’m planning some other types of events so those should be fun. If you haven’t already, please take a second to join the Curls and Mo Meetup Group. It’s free (some groups charge dues) and it’s the best way to learn about new events I’m hosting. blue blazerBlazers – A few years back I remember celebs like Kim K and LaLa Anthony always rocking cute leggings or skinny jeans with a simple top and then finishing it off with a blazer and looking SO put together. Every style I tried on was either ill-fitting (I’m a bit top heavy) or looked like I was playing dress-up. FINALLY one day I tried on one at H&M and it fit perfect. (I have BR and J Crew ones that fit nicely as well.) I’ve been loving how polished I look by adding a simple blazer. (The one above feels like one I bought from H&M. I love the color) - goody ouchlessGoody Ouchless Ponytail Holders – I attend Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out a few times each year and these are always in the goody bag. I love them. I’ve been using them for the majority of my time natural. They’re great because they don’t have any metal which can get caught in your hair and these definitely stay in place. I can use only one to secure my puffs, pony or bun without worrying about it coming loose and my hair always looks secure. I also love the Spin Pins by Goody! shea moisture hold and shine mistShea Moisture Hold & Shine Mist – I loooove this spray. I use it EVERY time I do a chunky twist out and they always look amazing! I blow dry my hair using the tension method and then I twist all four sections into 4 or 5 twists each. When I take down my hair it’s big and textured. nyx mega shine lip gloss sweet heartNYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss Sweet Heart – I’ve been wearing this with the lip lacquer below for a few months now and I am on love. I’d been searching for the perfect nude for a while and this combination is wonderful. I like my lips extra shiny and this product helps me achieve that look. wet n wild wild shine lip lacquer fling 920Wet n Wild Wild Shine Lip Lacquer #920 Fling – I’ve never been a lipstick girl and I don’t love this one alone but with the NYX on top it looks great. This is a super moisturizing, too – I’ve worn it alone before.

What were your favorite products this week? What didn’t you like so much? Let me know below!


2 responses to “Friday’s 5 Loves 5.10.13

  1. I have to try that Shea spray. So question: Do you prefer to do your twist out on semi-wet hair or blown dry? I’ve ONLY done it while it was curly…. #sheltered i know…LOL

    • LOL. That’s not sheltered. I usually do it on wet/damp but I prefer how it looks on dry hair because it’s bigger. I just don’t want to use too much heat on my hair so dry isn’t always good.

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