Recap: IMATS NY IMATS NY 1Last month I attended the International Make-Up Artist Trade Show, better known as IMATS, here in New York and I really wanted to share my experience with you.

I was on the fence about going so I made sure to get an early bird ticket for $45. I went with my Blogger Boos and fellow BLMGirls, Nicole, over at and Virgina over at Nicole is an amazing makeup artist who’s about to blow UP and Virgina has one of the dopest jobs in the world, she’s a mom.

When I arrived at IMATS I was surprised by how “done up” everyone was at 10am. Then I remembered it was a makeup IMATS NY 2

The main attraction for many makeup enthusiasts who attend IMATS is the “deep” discounts on cosmetics from favorite “mid-level” brands like Benefit, Tarte and Sigma. They’re not drugstore but they’re not high-end so I consider them mid-level. However, I was disappointed because NONE of those companies were there! I expected to see them because they were at IMATS LA but I was wrong.

I go to tons of hair events but never to a makeup event so I was curious. Since I started experimenting with makeup last year I wanted to see some of the products in-person since some are mostly sold online like Sigma. I also wanted to purchase Ben Nye powder because I keep hearing how amazing it is. But, the only vendor selling it was sold out by the time I arrived.

I was able to get a few things I didn’t really need but I’m happy with overall including nail polishes from China Glaze and Julie G, Red Cherry eyelashes and a knock off MAC IMATS NY 6I also enjoyed the human artwork. I know that people can do really amazing things with makeup but it was cool to see it in IMATS NY 7

All in all I had a good time because I was in good company but I probably won’t attend again unless I become an MUA which I highly doubt. If I do go again, I will make sure that I’m there earlier so that I can pick up any items that I really want. Next year I am going to attend The Makeup Show and see what all of that hype is about. IMATS NY 3

Have you ever attended an IMATS event? What did you think? What did you buy?

2 responses to “Recap: IMATS NY

  1. I am a total makeup junkie, and although it’s not stuff I blog about, I do love reading about people’s latest finds and I love when my Birchbox arrives every month!

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