Recap: INHMD + Friday’s 5 Loves 5.24.13

Friday LovesHi, Curlistas. This is a bit all over the place – like me 🙂 – but I wanted to share with you anyway. I hope you all are having a wonderful week and have an even better long weekend. {Hugs} inhmdInternational Natural Hair Meetup Day (INHMD) – This past Saturday was International Natural Hair Meetup Day. There were events hosted everywhere, even Japan! I attended two here in New York. The first event was Hair Seasoning in the Bronx hosted by Naturally Sexie. Then I attended The Boogie Down Beauty’s meetup in Harlem, NY. Karen of Karen’s Body Beautiful was there and so were the lovely ladies of Amazing Botanicals who introduced their new oil. Last year I was in Brooklyn for the inaugural Natural Hair Meetup Day, which to date has been the best natural hair meetup I’ve attended.

1369008333825Toni Daley Earrings – At the first INHMD event one of the guests who I met at Frotastic Beauty was kind enough to gift these gorgeous earrings to me after winning them as a prize. I fell in love with them after seeing backsyncfan on YouTube with a pair. I can’t wait to wear them! lemon waterLemon Water – I have been making pitchers of lemon water to enjoy at home for the past few months and I LOVE it. Fruit-infused waters are a huge summer hit especially at barbecues and outdoor events. However, I’ll be drinking lemon water year-round. I love how refreshing it is but also that there are SO many health benefits (read about them here). Have you tried lemon water? mac moisturecover concealerMAC Moisturecover Concealer – I’m not a MAC Girl. Heck I’m barely a Makeup Girl. But, I loooove MAC concealer. It’s all I need in a few key areas and I’m good to go. This is especially great on a hot summer day. Thanks to my Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool and my new products from The Body Shop my skin has cleared up dramatically! It’s not what it was before it decided to go haywire but it’s getting there. back scrub brushBack Scrubber – I’m sorry, I know it seems like I’m always taking y’all in the shower with me. Lol. (See here, here and here). But, some of these things I have to share! This week as always I love my back scrubber. What good is exfoliating your entire body with exfoliating gloves if you neglect your back? I have no clue where I got mine but they can be purchased anywhere. The one above is from

What products do you love this week? Did you attend INHMD? If so, where? What did you think?

10 responses to “Recap: INHMD + Friday’s 5 Loves 5.24.13

  1. You sure are the socialista. Back scrubber check! I like lemon water and cucumber infuse water too! Had that at my wedding and it was a hit!

  2. Love Love Love Lemon water! I’m going to try some other fruits this summer 😉

  3. Those earrings look so cute!

  4. I’ve been doing lemon and orange water this past week.. Love it!

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