Top 5 Natural Hair Tips for Any Length

5 Natural Hair TipsI stopped relaxing my hair in November 2009 and I stopped getting it professionally styled in June 2010. Since then I have learned a lot about natural hair in general simply because I had no choice – I’ve done a loooot of research. Lol. When I attend and host events Curlistas always ask me what I do to “grow” my hair. I’m always puzzled because I don’t “do” anything. BUT, there are a few things I have learned along the way that can help your hair if length is your goal. Below are my Top 5 Natural Hair Tips.

1. Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize.

Water – Yes, water is your hair’s best friend but it’s also your body’s best friend. The suggested water intake is 64 oz each day. I NEVER come close to that but I drink as much water as possible throughout the day. Drinking water  will help your hair, body and skin be its healthiest.

LOC Method – Seal in your hair’s moisture every time you style freshly washed hair or re-moisturize it in-between washes. Any type of oil will do. My favorites are avocado oil, castor oil and coconut oil. Click here for my LOC Method video and here for my LOC Method blog post.

2. Team No Heat. I’ll admit I used heat at the beginning of my 14 month transition and I paid for it. When I finally “big chopped”, some of my ends were damaged and I had to learn how to blend the damaged ends with my curls in addition to learning how to manage my new texture. If possible, just say “no”!

3. Protective Style. My hair flourished the most when I routinely did protective styles. Since my hair has gotten longer I’ve gotten lazy (I’ll admit it) and I haven’t been protective styling as often but I hope to find the time to resume soon.

4. Wrap It Up. I know a lot of us sleep in makeup (something I CAN’T do or my face would go crazy) because we’re too tired and we all know how bad it can be for your skin. The same rule applies with our natural hair. Even if you’re too tired to re-twist or re-braid or whatever, make sure you wrap it up with a satin scarf or bonnet. At the very least you should sleep on a satin pillowcase. Protect those tresses at night!

5. Hands Off! I suffer from HIHS (Hand in Hair Syndrome). And, yes, I think I made that up. *shrug* But, seriously keep your hands away from your hair. The less you touch your hair the less frizzy it will be and the less tangled it will get which can take wash day from being a breeze to complete torture.

What are your top natural hair tips for growth and length retention?

20 responses to “Top 5 Natural Hair Tips for Any Length

  1. Your hair is beautiful, I’m inspired.
    My hair has benefited a lot from regular deep conditioning, that’s my tip.
    One of my hard learned lessons in my journey so far is to be patient and recognize that while there are products out there that claim to speed up growth, most don’t deliver the results they claim.

    • I definitely don’t deep condition my hair enough. Thank you for the reminder! And, yes, being consistent and patient is the best way to care for our hair.

  2. 2,3,4,5 I failed. Im terrible. Thanks for reminding me! I love a good deep condition.

  3. LOL but I don’t take care of my own. I’ll DC you do a protective style. Deal?

  4. ebonycprincess

    Great tips, straight to the point. I am soooo on team no heat and protective styling for the rest of 2013!

  5. Great tips & I concur on all of em! I agree with the comment about deep conditioning as well. When I don’t do it, I definitely pay for it! Smh I have been slacking the last 2 months due to a mega busy schedule but I’m back on track. Sadly because of my delinquency I may lose about an inch when I get this hair trimmed next week. Ugh.

    Patience is something I ALWAYS stress. A lack of it can be counterproductive.

  6. Reblogged this on ToBNatural and commented:
    These are some great tips from Curls and Mo! I dealt with a few of these points last August in my five-part series “Maximize the Potential”. If you CONSISTENTLY follow these basic steps, you should definitely see results. Enjoy!

  7. I definitely suffer from HIHS, smh. I can’t help it… its so fluffy! And i was used to doing many styles in a month. This rocking one style for two wks at a time seems impossible. #thestruggle

  8. Reblogged this on Kindred Kinks and commented:
    Hands In Hair Syndrome is something I AM dealing with…

  9. I’ve been natural for 2 years now, and I do all those things you have here however it is still a challenge as it gets bigger. I constantly need to switch products and so forth however you are right, water water water is the best thing. I heard it is great to steam your hair too. I do it everyday when I shower just don’t use a shower cap at all, no need for it. And then normally that is where I take out my hair in the morning with water, that way my hair has its daily moisture

  10. NapzRBeautiful

    yay for growth!!!!!

  11. Ok so I love your hair! And thank you for the tips! I couldn’t take the stringy ends so I bc in April! and I have been drinking more water lol

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