Mani Monday: Starry Night - manimon 060313My goodness! I feel like I haven’t done a Mani Monday in forever. The truth is I stopped using coconut oil for a little bit (y’all know I love my coconut oil) and my nails started breaking! I’m no nail diva but I refuse to post pictures of ratchet nails. Period! (No, that’s not a shot at anyone. It’s a personal preference. Lol.)

Anyways. I am so excited to be back to share another nail polish I bought at IMATS NY with you Curlistas!

The blue is Splish Splash by China Glaze. This was my first time using it and while I do like it, it’s not my favorite. It goes on relatively smooth but it has a matte finish – something I’m finding with a lot of polishes lately. I don’t mind it but I prefer a glossy finish and with some polishes even after you apply a glossy top coat, it still looks matte. (Am I the only one this happens to? Is it just me? Lol.) I applied two coats topped it with a cheapy dollar store one.

I used my JulieG A Star is Born again for my accent nail. (Check it out here and here). I am in love with this polish. The actual glitter is all different sizes so it’s really pretty. Especially up close. I used three coats of this one because I wanted it to be dramatic.

What do you think of my mani this week? What’s on your nails today? Have you checked out my Nail Polish Collection]? It’s a fun video! 🙂

Head over to check out Mimi! - manimon 121012-3


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