Friday’s 5 Loves 6.14.13: Daily Blogger Must Haves

Friday LovesHi, Curlistas! Happy Friday. This week has been another filled with blessings. I registered for my first Blog Conference and I’m getting ready for Let’s Thrift – my FREE June event with MelissaChanel. (You can register and find out more HERE.)

As a blogger I’m always trying to fill a void or bring something to my readers that I think you can use. I’ve decided to start a new series (probably in July) on Mondays in which I’ll include tips, tricks and advice about blogging: things I’ve learned, things I wish I knew, etc. I’m not completely abandoning Mani Mon – some weeks I’ll have both but most weeks I’ll post about one or the other.

I want to kick things off  with my top 5 blogger necessities. These things are in my purse daily. - fri5 1Cell Phone. If you own a SmartPhone and blog but AREN’T using it for blogging shame on you. I do everything from my phone! (Read about it here.) I once drafted a post, uploaded pics and finalized it in anticipation of “publishing” that night when I got back home. Well, I never made it back to my laptop that night. I was able to go on my WordPress app from my cell phone and publish it with NO problems. Amaze. (I’m actually drafting this from my phone right now…where many posts are born.) mac phone chargerPortable Charger. I love my Galaxy 2 but at year and a half old the battery isn’t what it used to be. I found this portable charger on ebay and I’ve started carrying it every day. Nowadays a charger alone is not sufficient because you can’t always find an outlet. Plus, if you’re at an event and you are lucky enough to find one, who wants to be plugged in when you could be mingling? samsung tabletTablet. I recently bought a Samsung Tablet 2 7.0 and I love it. I sold my iPad and replaced it with this (read about it here). In my opinion it’s a better option than the iPad mini (the other model I was considering). It has expandable memory and all of the specs are the same if not better. I love my tablet because it allows me to carry tons of books and magazines conveniently and stay up-to-date with all of my magazine subscriptions. Plus, I always find inspiration when I’m reading so it’s great for that, too. pen paperPen & Paper. While technology is amazing, nothing beats a pen and paper. Even if you don’t carry a pen and paper, you should have SOMETHING to write on and with at all times. You never know when you’ll have to write something and your battery might be dead. - business cardBusiness Cards. You MUST have a business card. With you. At all times. Having a business card can sometimes be the difference between “deal” and “no deal”. Sure, things happen. But, I have a certain admiration for people who are prepared. And I’m sure others do as well. I always have a few crisp, updated cards with me. I have received dirty, food-stained business cards. I chucked them. I once received a business card from a woman who crossed out ALL of the contact info on the card and hand-wrote hers on it, ON THE SPOT while I waited. It was her co-worker’s so the company logos matched…but that was about it. *blank stare* I’m sure you can guess where that one ended up, too… Seriously, there’s always something you can write on a business card to promote yourself. If you’re unsure, email me! No. For real!

What are your daily must-haves? What items can’t you live without? What blog must-haves did I forget?

18 responses to “Friday’s 5 Loves 6.14.13: Daily Blogger Must Haves

  1. YEP YEP YEP! I actually carry my camera with me also because my phone – while it has decent photos – doesn’t always have good exposure and capture the colors/lighting accurately.

    • I’m really lucky that my phone takes amazing pics. Honestly I go to events and often choose my phone camera over my real camera. It’s so funny. Lol.

  2. Girl I need a portable charger like yesterday! After reading a similar blog post by Myleik on the CurlBOX blog and sharing with my husband, he goes “YEAH! You need that!” Lol Great list. I’ll be investing in a tablet soon.

  3. blogathonbash

    For me, an iced capp is a necessity. I need the drink to concentrate!

  4. I love your list! I def need my phone (and the battery SUCKS by the way; needs replacing) and a pen + pad. Not sure when a tablet will be in the budget, but it’s definitely on my wish list. Biz cards are next, thank goodness.

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  6. I have that same portable charger! Life saver! And I really need to get on the tablet train. My little netbook just died 😦

  7. Where can I get some business cards that aren’t too expensive?

  8. You have put me on with the portable charger. I have been sleeping on that one, says the girl whose phone did before she left work. I’m ready for the charger for sure. Nice post. BLM Girl Andrea @

  9. Where is that charger from? Which seller? i need one of those. (You can def just text me the response lol)

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