Manicure Monday: Lady in Red

IMG_20130618_133014_wmFor some reason I am in love with this silver glitter nail polish. It literally rocks my world. I can’t seem to get enough…

I decided to pair the JulieG A Star is Born with my favorite Essie red but of course I couldn’t get the bottle open. Luckily I had my Wet n Wild Everybody Loves Redmond handy – which, by the way, I forgot how much I love. I applied three coats of the red then two coats of the silver glitter to my accent nail. I like the pop. I also like that it’s a different look from any I’ve ever done.

IMG_20130618_132930_wmI normally stop at two coats of polish (or 1 if the color is opaque enough). However, the red is somewhat thin and translucent. I wanted to make sure it was bright and vibrant. It dried relatively quickly so applying multiple coats wasn’t an issue as far as drying time. It applies really smooth and I like it which is no surprise since WnW is one of my favorite cosmetics brands. I love that the JulieG glitter can be built up and packed on. You can play it up or down.

I really like the finished look. What do you think? What mani are you rocking this week? Let me know below.

Update: Last night I washed and twisted my hair with these new products and my nail polish DID NOT CHIP. AT ALL! Even the very tips of my nails are still intact and I am very surprised. Love this mani!


5 responses to “Manicure Monday: Lady in Red

  1. I’m rockin some bare nails… they just won’t stop breaking! They grew like crazy sans polish. The minute I do a cute mani, they all bite the dust one by one. Smh

  2. LaNeshe (

    Very pretty!

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