Review: Shea Radiance Black Soap shea radiance black soapThis past Christmas I won a huge gift set (below) from Shea Radiance. There had to be at least one of every Shea Radiance sample in that box. I tried the Hair Milk from the curlBOX Natural a while back (check out my review here) and loved it so much that I was delighted when I won this. I’m happy I finally have time to dig into these other shea radianceProduct Name:  Shea Radiance Black Soap

Product Name:  Shea Radiance Black Soap – Alata Samina

Price:  $5.50 per bar

Availability: Target, Whole Foods, Shea Radiance Website or other locations (check locations here)

Product Description:  Hand crafted, store in dry place to extend life of soap. Antibacterial, blemish lightening, for all skin types.

Ingredients:  Plantain skins, palm kernels, cacao pods, coconut oil, shea butter

Scent: Very faint scent, if any at all.

Consistency: Hard

My Experience:   I used this soap with a wash cloth, loofah and shower gloves and it performed well regardless of how I used it. My skin always felt clean but never stripped or dry.

Pros: This is a wonderful soap. I used it for my face and body and it was great. This is good if you want to travel light. No need for face cleanser, body wash AND bar soap. This literally does it all. There’s no residue once you rinse, you are left feeling very clean. It helped with lightening blemish marks on my face and controlling acne breakouts.

Cons: It dissolved very quickly; I don’t think I got the full use out of it. However, I didn’t realize that it must be stored in a cool dry area until it was already 3/4 gone. Tip: keep it OUT of the shower, if possible or in a container of some sort to prolong the life of this soap.
Final Thoughts:  This soap is amazing. Definitely one I would buy and be sure to preserve better next time. shea radiance black soapDo you use black soap? Have you tried Shea Radiance products? What’s your favorite product?

4 responses to “Review: Shea Radiance Black Soap

  1. Ok, I learned something. I did NOT know to keep that soap out of the shower. Because my expensive soaps disappear very quickly too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks! I’m considering using this now.

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