Recap: Let’s Thrift #MYCthrift Lets Thrift 4 This past Sunday I co-hosted Let’s Thrift with Melissa Chanel. It was my first time co-hosting an event and it was a lot of fun.

Hangin' with Mane Moves

Hangin’ with Mane Moves

We met the ladies in Madison Square Park and proceeded to Thrifter’s Row where we visited three thrift shops: Cauz for Paws, Goodwill and City Opera. All of the thrift shops were amazing but my favorite was City Opera. It had a high-end feel and atmosphere while still being extremely affordable.

Gettin' down!

Gettin’ down!

All of the ladies managed to pick something up and we were even lucky enough to be joined by two little ones: Marcia’s 6 year old daughter (surprisingly she kept up with us – lol) and Khadijah’s 15 month old.

Melissa got some nice items. I picked up 2 things, a hardcopy of The Help, and a really dope tie – boring, I know. I tried on a few pieces but I was more concerned with making sure everyone was okay. I know. I know. Lol.

Thank you mainelement:love for sponsoring our Raffle!

Thank you mainelement:love for sponsoring our Raffle!

I had a lot of fun and I can’t wait to go thrifting again! Be sure to join the Curls and Mo Meetup Group for all upcoming events. My Curlfriends Swap Party will be in July!


7 responses to “Recap: Let’s Thrift #MYCthrift

  1. Hi, when I opened this email, the first thing my daughter said was “hey I’m on the computer”. LOL. We all look so nice! Again, we had a great time, and I looking forward to the next event.

  2. Look at my boo, looking all extra ca-ute! Everyone looked lovely. Go natural hair!

  3. She is!

  4. Very nice! I still haven’t been thrifting yet. I have to work on my love for shopping first. You look like a celebrity tho. Can I have your autograph?

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