Mani Monday – Review: BRUCCI Nail Hardner - manimon 07.01.13When I was little just like my mom’s clothes, I used to try play with her makeup. One nail polish brand I remember vividly that lined her dresser was BRUCCI. I used to beg her to polish my nails and I still remember the few times she agreed. She always used neutral colors but that didn’t matter to me because I felt like a big girl!

I have been obsessed with neons for a while now and looking for neon orange and pink for quite some time. On a recent visit to Rite Aid I spotted this bright orange and I fell in love.

Product Name:  BRUCCI’S Camilles a “Blast”

Price:  $3.69

Availability: Drugstores Nationwide.

Product Description:  Brucci Hardeners are a uniquely distinct Nail Care Product. The special blend of acrylics act as an agent to promote longer & stronger nails. Brucci Nail Hardeners maintain a flexibility and resiliency that makes it resistant to chipping and cracking.

Ingredients:  Unknown.

Scent: Typical nail polish.

Consistency: Thin and easy to paint on.

My Experience:   First I applied a calcium base coat then two coats of the BRUCCI and finally a clear top coat.

Pros: I love the finished look. After applying a glossy top coat, the color really pops.

Cons:  The polish dried dull after each coat – this is something I’m seeing more and more from polishes recently. I was skeptical about whether it would dry glossy but it did. My nails dried overnight and I applied a clear coat the next morning. After about two hours I moved a file at work (it was in a box) and it left a dent in two nails. I’m assuming the polish didn’t dry after the top coat but I’m not sure why.

Final Thoughts:  I love the color. I will definitely be purchasing more.

What’s your manicure this week?


4 responses to “Mani Monday – Review: BRUCCI Nail Hardner

  1. classic brand. That color fits you perfectly.

  2. Loove the orange!! So perfect for summer. 🙂

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