Friday’s 5 Loves 7.5.13 And My Love Lesson

Friday LovesWelcome, July! This year is moving really quickly and I’m loving it. Still a lot to do but I’m also getting a lot done! I hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday. starbucksStarbucks Phone App. To know me is to accept my coffee addiction (even if you don’t understand it). I never liked coffee. I mean I hated it. And then grad school happened. Now I’m addicted. My drug coffee of choice is Starbucks. I know it’s an expensive habit so I signed up for the Starbucks Gold Card. With the Gold Card you can rack up points and get special offers and freebies. I love that there’s a phone app because it makes keeping track of your balance and purchases really easy. It also allows you to pay directly from your phone. maybelline mascaraMaybelline Mascara. I’ve been using Maybelline Mascara for years but never tried the fat brush. I like it. But, I must say now after trying all three: the curved brush, straight and fat, my favorite is the curved brush. The curved brush allows you to coat every single lash. I also just started applying two coats of mascara and definitely see a difference. facebookFacebook. Facebook has helped Curls and Mo grow and reach more Curlistas. I love the natural hair community on Facebook. There are tons of groups and pretty much every company has a Facebook page. Check out Curls and Mo on Facebook, if you haven’t already! I share sales from different companies, tips, my YouTube videos and blog posts. - manimon 07.01.13BRUCCI. This week I rediscovered BRUCCI nail polish (read my review here). I wore this color all week and it was still in good shape after a full week and hair washing. - loveLove: What My 20+ Year Old Heart Has Taught Me. I am pretty private when it comes to my personal life and people who are special to me. But, over the past year I have shared my domestic abuse battle, my unplanned weight loss “journey” and a few other intimate details about my life in hopes that it would help someone. Well, I recently met someone amazing. In the most unexpected way. At the most unexpected time. While I cannot be certain what the future holds I do know that emotions and feelings I thought I would never have, I do. I now understand why people say “don’t give up on love because if you truly want it it’s out there”. BUT, as with everything, I have my opinions and I want to share some things I learned along the way…

1. Love doesn’t come easy, every day we work at it.

2. You have to be open to receive love. I hear a lot of people (mostly women) say there are no good men (or women) out there. I completely disagree. I was single for about two years. During that time I hung out with a few different guys. And, not to sound mean but they bored me. I knew there was no future so I ended it early. (I’m a firm believer in not wasting people’s time.) BUT, with each person I had an open mind. You have to. If you go into each situation with baggage, assumptions or a negative outlook more than likely it won’t manifest into anything meaningful.

3. I worked on me. When I met someone and realized it wouldn’t work – usually almost immediately, I ended things and spent the time I would have on dead-end dinners to do things that made me happy. I worked on growing spiritually, mentally and emotionally to prepare myself to be in a healthy relationship. I focused on the positive attributes I could and would “bring to the table”.

4. I tweaked my list so that it was more realistic. I had to be more realistic about my standards – what I will and will not tolerate. These things are different for everyone.

5. I learned my likes and dislikes – this is different from “working on you” (at least to me). How can you convey to someone else who you are if you don’t have a very clear understanding yourself?

6. I had fun. No one wants to hang out with someone who’s boring. I went wherever I wanted and did whatever I wanted. I took girls’ trips and lived. I’m not big on clubs and parties but I know how to have fun. People (especially men) are drawn to others with good energy and positive vibes.

7. I prayed. This was BY FAR the most important thing I did. Whatever Higher Being you believe in, whether it’s Allah, God, Jehovah, etc. ask for guidance. Be clear on what you want and ask for it. My relationship with God is amazing to me. It has helped me through a lot.

I hope this list helps someone, it might not be your cup of tea BUT it worked for me. I found that once I changed my outlook on life and was clear on what I wanted, I attracted different energy. If you’re looking for love, it’s out there. If you have it, keep working to strengthen it.

Thank you for reading! Please leave your comments below!


5 responses to “Friday’s 5 Loves 7.5.13 And My Love Lesson

  1. Love, Love, Love this list! I totally believe you get what you put out in terms of positive energy and vibes, especially when it comes to love. Love the polish and last but not least, my name is Khadijah and I too have a starbucks addiction. I did the praise dance when I got my gold card a few months ago. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Prayer is the most important tool we have. When we listen to God, he will direct our path. And you made many good points. I am really happy for you, and I wish you the best in your relationship!

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