Friday’s 5 Loves: 5 Green Smoothie Tips for Beginners green smoothiesI hope everyone is having a wonderful week. I’m getting ready for Curlfriends Swap Party next week and I’m so excited!

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter then you have probably noticed my slight obsession with green smoothies. I have been in love with them since the winter (when I did my first Challenge). I am currently doing my second green smoothie challenge with Simple Green Smoothies and even though I started a week late it’s going well. I’m not an expert, but I have learned a few things since I started and I want to share them with you.

Cut fruits and veggies. I have found that my smoothies come out a lot smoother if I cut the fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces before I put them in the blender. I have also noticed that the blender doesn’t have to work as hard and the smoothies blend faster.

Use frozen fruit. Since I started I have been freezing my fruits to preserve freshness longer and to ensure that they are cold. However, I have recently found frozen fruit. This is great because the fruit won’t go bad and you’re guaranteed a cool, refreshing smoothie.

Blend fruit and liquid first. I usually blend my greens last. I make sure my fruits, liquids and any possible “add-ins” (flaxseed meal, coconut oil, agave, etc.) are blended until smooth and then I add my greens.

More greens. Less fruit. As you experiment more, you can add less and less fruit to ensure that you are getting as much greens as possible. Personally I find that I eat more vegetables than fruits (it’s the opposite for most people) but I still like to get in more greens.

Buy “in-season”. Eating healthy can be expensive and so can all of the produce for juicing and smoothies. To cut down on costs, select recipes with fruits that are in-season and/or grown locally. The less it costs to get to you the less you have to spend on it.

I hope these tips were helpful. If you have ANY questions about green smoothies, please leave them below and I will answer them ALL. I have a Pinterest board dedicated solely to green smoothies (check it out here) and I post all new recipes on Instagram, you can view them by searching hashtag #curlsandmoGS.

4 responses to “Friday’s 5 Loves: 5 Green Smoothie Tips for Beginners

  1. Love this! I do this all. Only a few times a week now though but still going strong! When I don’t have from one fruit I put one or two ice cubes with to blend. Great tips. Cold is the best way to go.

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