Wealth & Wellness: Mid-Year Check-In

www.curlsandmo.com Wellness Check-InAs some of you may remember, the first week of 2013 was Wealth & Wellness Week here on the blog. We talked about setting and reaching goals, creating a vision board, saving money and getting organized. Today I’m here to check-in and update you all on how I’ve been doing and I hope that you will update me as well (leave a comment).

This year I have hosted four Curly Card Nights, one Let’s Thrift and one Curlfriends Swap Party. I have attended one blogger conference, one women in business conference and several panels. In addition I have been drinking green smoothies more regularly, I am slowly switching transitioning my hair and body products to all-natural/organic (I’ll talk more about why in a later post). I have met lots of people, written for several websites and grown as a woman, blogger and budding entrepreneur.

There are things I still need to work on though. Like not procrastinating, staying focused (my attention span is SUPER short) and resuming regular workouts. We’re all a work in progress, I’m just thankful I have made it this far and continue to grow.

Have you been able to reach your goals? Why or why not? Have you made smarter money decisions? If you haven’t, what is stopping you? If you have, what keeps you motivated? I know some of these questions are personal so please only share what you’re comfortable with but let’s learn together and from each other.

Here are the links to all 5 Wealth & Wellness Week Posts.

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2013 W&W Week Part 3: What’s your vision?

2013 W&W Week Part 4: Achieve Your 2013 Goals in 3 Easy Steps

2013 W&W Week Part 5:  Let’s Get Organized!

Thank you for sharing this journey with me!

Please Share.

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