Mani Monday: Blue Universe

IMG_20130812_134552For this mani I tried a “new” glitter nail polish my Photographer boo, Nicole [LINK], gave me. I *think* she said that she tried it but didn’t like it and that she wanted me to have it because she knows how addicted how much I love nail polish. 🙂

I decided to pair the OPI Last Friday Night with my Julie B Cabana Boy (also seen here) because I thought the two colors would complement each other. While there’s no actual color of the polish – it’s transparent – it has a blue undertone so I knew that it would look really pretty with a blue polish.

IMG_20130812_134650I named it Blue Universe because it made me think of the solar system and stars. I thought that the finished product looked a lot like the sky filled with stars on a clear summer night.

What do you ladies think? What manicure are you rocking this week?

2 responses to “Mani Monday: Blue Universe

  1. Lmao! I’m glad you love it! You did a great job with your nails loves it!

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