Natural Hair How-To: LOC Method Shortcut!

loc methodA few weeks ago in “Natural Hair How-To: Fix Your Wack Conditioner  I shared how and why I mixed coconut oil with a conditioner I was NOT feeling. I’ve been using the mixture quite a bit and I’ve found some other things I really like about it.

I love the LOC Method (watch me explain it here and read about it here) because it’s the easiest way to keep me hair moisturized throughout the week. After I do the LOC Method on Sunday (aka the dreaded wash day) my hair remains moisturized and shiny throughout the week! I don’t add any product or re-moisturize at all. I know a lot of naturals add moisture. I don’t and I have found that using this concoction my hair is coated and I don’t have to add any additional oil after I rinse the conditioner from my hair. I simply two strand twist it with my favorite cream and I’m good.

What tips do you have for saving time on your natural hair regimen? Have you tried the LOC Method? What do you think?

3 responses to “Natural Hair How-To: LOC Method Shortcut!

  1. Coconut oil is my mix in as well. I have been doing LOC before I even knew it had a name. lol It was all trial and error. I don’t know about staying nice throughout the week for me though. haha

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