Friday’s 5 Loves: My Favorite Blogs

Friday LovesCurlistas! Happy Friday. I hope your week has been as amazing as mine! As August continues so does my birthday celebration. Last Friday I celebrated in the city (NY, baby) and I had SO much fun. I have never had a public “party” (here are some pics) and it felt really good. While I have been having a lot of fun I’ve also been thinking about starting a second blog. Believe it or not, I just became a regular blog reader and these have taught me a lot about what I want and if starting another blog is something I want to take on. Here are five of my favorites. - | I don’t know any girl who doesn’t like pretty things. *guilty* What I love most about this blog is that there’s inspiration and pretty things in one place. PLUS it’s concise. My time is so limited that I love being able to visit this site daily and not feel overwhelmed by too much information. I also love the facebook page because BC shares fun things like this. I’m blessed to know Beatrice in real life and she is a wonderful woman with an amazing story. Stop by and tell her I said “hi”. 🙂 | Twitter: - | When I first discovered (L’s 1st blog) I knew she was different. It was soooo pretty. But, not conventional “pink, frills and filler” pretty – it was edgy, fun and fashion-forward. I love what L does with graphics. On her second blog, TheNativeNewYawker, she shares her life as a New Yawker (a twist on New Yorker…you know, a play on our “accent” lol). But, what I love most is her insight on how to be a better blogger and the time-saving tools everyone can use. Another aspect I love are her weekly blog critiques every Thursday. Mine was the inaugural critique and she gave me great advice and tips. If you’re a blogger, definitely think about submitting yours if you need some advice. | Twitter: @partyoverhair & ‏ - | Blogelina is a wonderful site for bloggers who want to learn more about the business side of blogging. You can learn a lot from this site about monetizing and making your site more attractive to companies and readers. There’s a lot of material and information but it’s broken down in easy-to-digest posts which I appreciate. | Twitter: - | Lisa focuses on “making the internet a pretty place” and “pretty and functional web design”. I LOVE her blog and I also love the weekly tips she sends straight to your inbox (sign up on her site!). She focuses a lot on branding and your [blog’s] image, something I am still working on and a lot of bloggers struggle with. She teaches us how to present our blogs (and interests) in a way that is cohesive, interesting and engaging so that everything makes sense. But, she also takes it a step further and helps you figure out WHAT your brand is. If you’re end goal is to make blogging your business, this is important. | Twitter: @elembee_ - | This site is more than just a place to find design resources. It’s great for bloggers who are a bit more advanced and can handle coding (I won’t even play myself). But, it’s also nice because you can find info like “Preparing your Blog for Vacation” (something L recently did in “Taking Two Weeks”). These types of tips are simple and may seem small but are often overlooked so I like this site for the practical info, too. Also, congratulations to Ellie for being nominated for an award this week! | Twitter: @xomisse

Those are my favorite blogs. Please share yours in the Comments section below so I can check them out!


2 responses to “Friday’s 5 Loves: My Favorite Blogs

  1. Thanks to you I’m now following these blogs. I esp. need the last three. I didn’t know/forgot that L had another blog. I must’ve spent about 40 minutes over there after clicking the link from this post! (Almost forgot I was previously on another site! Lol.) I read a number of posts including your blog critique from which I actually learned a thing or two that I will look into for my own blog. Great post Mo. Thx!

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