ManiMon: My First Revlon and a Sale

IMG_20130825_171154_wmThis past weekend I bought my first bottle of Revlon nail polish. While I heard a lot of great things about Revlon, I have a rule: never spend more than than 5 bucks on a drugstore nail polish. (Although, there IS an exception to the rule: essie. LOL. It’s is my favorite!)

Last week Revlon was on sale at CVS and I had two coupons: one for 25% off of my purchase and one for $3.00 off of a Revlon purchase. While in the city Saturday I decided to take advantage of the sale and use my coupon. For some reason the CVS in the city did not have a sale on Revlon but I STILL made out like a bandit. I only paid $2.29 for a $6.49 bottle and I’m really pleased. I’m also pleased with the nail polish.

IMG_20130825_171027_wmI picked Extravagant because it looked unlike any other color I have. After applying the first coast I was really surprised that it was so opaque, vibrant and that it dried SO fast. I applied two coats right before bed and couldn’t believe that it dried so fast and wasn’t smudged the next morning. I was also surprised that it was so shiny without applying a top coat (there was no base either).

What do you ladies think? What are you rocking on your nails this week?

2 responses to “ManiMon: My First Revlon and a Sale

  1. I’m surprised right along with you. Those types of polishes (with the “pearly” look) usually take forever to dry so I’m glad to hear it dries quickly. The color is very pretty. My nails are naked… Well, I have a top coat on only. I’ve got a casualty (my left pinky nail) but I’ll still be picking a color from my meager stash to paint my babies today. ^_^

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