First Impressions: June CurlKit

CurlKitI was recently sent the June CurlKit from Good Girl PR. I haven’t used anything yet but I wanted to share my first impressions with my Curlistas.

IMG_20130828_170406_wmThe first thing I noticed was a new design and logo. While I have never ordered a CurlKit I’ve seen them before and I noticed the packaging was different. When I opened the box the first thing I saw was CurlLife: A CurlKit Pulication. The cover has a picture of a bride and several references to weddings so you know this is the wedding edition. When you open the pamphlet there are a few business cards from some of the companies included along with a list of the products included in that month’s Kit. These are the products listed: Honey Curls: Cutesy Custard, CurlMax: Twisty Curly Spray, Oyin Handmade: Hair Dew, Pooka Pure & Simple: Lemon-Aide Hand Exfoliator, Caviar Curls: Velvet Leave-In Detangler, Itiba: Papaya Body Lotion and Curly Hair Solutions: Curl Keeper.

Below is a picture of what was in the CurlKit.


As you can see the Pooka Pure & Simple: Lemon-Aide Hand Exfoliator is missing. BUT, they included a sample of Giovanna Tea Tree Triple Threat Shampoo which wasn’t listed in the brochure. I love anything with Tea Tree so I’m excited to try it. I also noticed that one product was not labeled. From the product list I know what it is but that isn’t good as a consumer. We need to know what we’re using and what you’re selling.

I wasn’t impressed by the full size products since one I’ve never heard of and the other I already have. But, I am excited to try at least three of the samples. I’ll keep you Curlistas posted if I find anything to be especially amazing.

Have you tried CurlKit? What did you think? What about any other natural hair or beauty subscription services? Please share below.

3 responses to “First Impressions: June CurlKit

  1. Nope, haven’t tried it… But if you are feeling generous let me get that hair dew off your hands! Lol! Please share when u use the products…

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