Friday’s 5 Loves: Blogger Wish List

Friday LovesHappy Friday, Loves! I hope this last week of summer has been treating you well! I have been planning an event with one of my NY Curlistas and gearing up for all of the September events I shared with you last week. As I prepare for what is sure to be a long month I have been searching for things and ways to make my [Blogger] life easier. In June I shared “Daily Blogger Must Haves– a list of my daily essentials. But, this list is also for any young professional woman. I’ve been eyeing a few new things and I thought I’d share them with you… - chromebookSamsung Chromebook  – While I do love my tablet and I did buy a keypad for it, doing actual work on it is so unrealistic. After doing some research I think a Chromebook is probably the answer to my “don’t wanna lug a laptop but I need to do work” problem. The Chromebook is NOT for heavy duty work. You can’t download “software” but it comes with tons of apps, it’s compatible with my other devices – #TeamAndroid of course – and it has lots of amazing capabilities. I’ll definitely be picking one up soon. - coolpix cameraNikon CoolPix Camera – I recently took a trip to Best Buy to take a look at cameras. I know I’m not the only one who’s guilty of using my cell phone to take pictures but I think it’s time to upgrade. The Kodak I have is nice but it’s dated and it really doesn’t perform as well as my phone. That’s a problem. I saw a few cameras I liked but the Nikon CoolPix was light weight, had great features and many of them have wifi which makes them great for uploading right from the camera. - target phillip limPhillip Lim Bag – My Longchamp bag has seen better days. I’m waiting for the highly anticipated Phillip Lim Collection from Target on September 15. The above tote is $54.99 and it’s definitely on my Wish List. It’s the perfect fall and winter bag for carrying all of my Blogger essentials to and from events. - galaxy 2 batteryExtended Phone Battery – I have a Samsung Galaxy 2 which I recently had to have replaced because it died on me. While I love the phone I always hated that the battery always died OR I was always charging it. This can be a real issue as a Blogger. It’s hard to stay connected on social media and bring you all behind-the-scenes access if my phone is dead. So I just purchased an extended battery. While it’s a bit cumbersome I’d rather have a bigger phone and a ridiculous power source than no power and a slim phone. - internIntern – I haven’t figured out exactly what for yet but I really need one. I’m overwhelmed and day-to-day Curls and Mo stuff like simply answering emails is getting to be a bit much. If you know anyone (preferably a college student) interested, please send them my way.

Thank you for reading, ladies. What’s on your Wish List? Anything at all?

8 responses to “Friday’s 5 Loves: Blogger Wish List

  1. Funny that you mention that because I’m literally thinking INTERN too… It’s crazy to try & keep up! ~Geesh

  2. Great list! I would love a tablet but this Chromebook looks niiicce. I need something that I’m actually gonna be able to type on. This laptop… I may as well be carrying a desktop from 1993. LOL! A portable charger would also be nice.

  3. …and a mobile hotspot device. If I could get a good hotspot deal through Verizon my phone would suffice.

  4. Love those picks! I need an extended battery too. Can’t believe I don’t have one. Too bad I pay so much attention to shoe shopping that everything else gets left out! 😉

    Following your blog now. xoxo

  5. Well, being that my laptop just died, that’s on my current blogger wishlist in addition to a Android phone. I went Team iPhone, but as it turns out not having a memory card sucks. Also, an intern/assistant would be nice and a fancy but easy to use video editing software since I’m getting ready to dabble in vlogging.

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